IT services for the Tesco to Netto shop migration project

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IT services for the Tesco to Netto shop migration project


In March 2021, Salling Group, owner of the retail chain Netto, finalised the acquisition of the Polish part of the Tesco retail chain. Around 300 shops will be converted to the Netto format over the coming months.

Due to the requirements in terms of competence and experience of the team responsible for the area of IT installations in this type of projects, as well as due to the expected fast pace of implementation in many locations at the same time, Netto decided to invite us to the group of partners executing tasks in the dedicated area of IT services.

The works include the installation of IT equipment and systems in Tesco stores converted to Netto stores.


The project we are carrying out for Netto includes almost 180 migrations scheduled to be performed until May 2022. This means that every week about 6 shops will open, and the IT installations for them will be done 7 days earlier. The project is a huge logistical challenge – Exorigo-Upos employees work in up to 12 shops in one week (6 installations and 6 openings).

We migrate Tesco to Netto, focusing on outlets located in central and eastern Poland as well as in Silesia and the Tricity.

The scope of the implemented project is very extensive: installation of all IT equipment such as cabinets, backoffice, cash registers in the salesroom. Additionally, the service includes the installation of payment terminals ordered by the acquirer.

Exorigo-Upos not only installs all the infrastructure but also provides support services, including those during openings. Efficient implementation of the projects under the schedule is guaranteed by the split of the team into dedicated units – according to the level of specialisation: on-site field service, warehouse, teletechnology together with subcontractors, commissioning, the executive team which trains the implementing teams.

Initially, the migrations covered outlets in large centres (Warsaw and Krakow), and now the scope of work is expanding to include medium-sized and small towns.


The first migrations have already been completed – involving several dozen shops. In the coming weeks, in accordance with the plan agreed with Netto, further outlets will be opened. After the migration projects are completed, we will move on to permanent support services, which will be provided by members of our 400-person team from 22 service offices across Poland.

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