Comprehensive Technological Support for Auchan

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Comprehensive Technological Support for Auchan

As a leader in digital transformation in the retail sector, Auchan has consistently embraced technological solutions for the dynamic development of its network. In this context, the longstanding collaboration between Auchan and Exorigo-Upos continues to evolve, encompassing various services within the retailer’s ecosystem and us as the provider of omnicommerce solutions: IT services, maintenance, and software.

Recently, both organizations initiated a project to prepare to implement e-invoicing obligations based on the SmartKSeF system.

KSeF represents one of the key challenges facing retailers today. Our priority was to commence the implementation and testing of all processes right away. We are accompanied by a trusted partner, ensuring we will be ready on time. From experience, I know that changes on such a scale require time, expertise, and proper planning – says Eric Delahousse, CFO of Auchan Poland.

Our collaboration with Auchan extends far beyond the recent KSeF-focused project. Long-term partnerships demonstrate that business relies on mutual trust and building enduring relationships. Of course, the critical role is played by the achieved results, and it’s through them that we evaluate completed projects – says Grzegorz Rogaliński, CEO of Exorigo-Upos SA.

We understand each other’s expectations and work styles, which significantly aids us and accelerates implementation. Professionals on both sides are engaged in the process and responsible for its success – adds Marcin Fadrowski, who is accountable for Auchan client cooperation at Exorigo-Upos.

The primary areas of collaboration between the companies involve tools that facilitate Auchan employees in performing their daily duties. Among them, the Price Management System and the Application for obtaining supplier product catalog data are worth noting.

Accounting solutions are also crucial, from issuing invoices and corrections to reporting to the tax office (including sending JPK) and ETL reporting. This includes providing support and development of Hyperion financial control systems by Exorigo-Upos.

As part of their collaboration, Exorigo-Upos assisted in the acquisition of Real stores and their rebranding as Auchan from 2014 to 2016. With support from Field Service and Deployment Teams, architecture, installations, and configurations of network devices were prepared. The supplier was also responsible for migrating some stores’ point-of-sale systems to its solution and reconfiguring office equipment or scales. Among the completed projects are store openings and remote preparation of self-service checkouts.

Exorigo-Upos also supported Auchan in the implementation of a sales system for fuel stations. The scope of cooperation included functionalities such as invoices on receipt printers and the integration and launch of fuel dispensers.

One of the few systems in the world, the Cloud EFT Payment Hub implemented successfully by Exorigo-Upos in retail for many years, ensures the highest level of security in payment systems and exceptional transaction speed. It enables handling payment cards at checkout counters, self-service checkouts, fuel stations, and unmanned stations. It also allows for micro-donations, which are highly popular among Auchan customers, supporting charity while doing their daily shopping. Exorigo-Upos also assists the retail network in annual PCI DSS audits.

The longstanding relationship between Auchan and Exorigo-Upos demonstrates that choosing the right provider who understands retail specifics and can translate requirements and needs into technological solutions is crucial for the organization’s development.

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