Digital Evolution at Empik: Implementation of SmartKSeF with Exorigo-Upos Partner

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Digital Evolution at Empik: Implementation of SmartKSeF with Exorigo-Upos Partner

Empik, an undisputed leader in omnichannel solutions, continues to shape the landscape of Polish retail. Known for its constant innovation and dynamic approach to market challenges, the company is taking another step in its digital evolution. With the upcoming obligation to use the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF) starting in July 2024, Empik is setting new standards by engaging in intensive preparatory work in collaboration with its experienced partner, Exorigo-Upos.


Regulation changes require all companies to adopt KSeF, necessitating significant adjustments in their IT systems. Empik, an advanced entity in digital transformation, recognized the need to prepare for these changes early on. Maciej Jakubowski, CTO at Empik, emphasizes the importance of proper preparation for the accounting revolution.

– The entire retail industry is facing a true revolution. Adequate preparation for these changes is crucial for the continued smooth operation of the business. We are well aware of this, so we are already conducting highly advanced preparatory work with the support of Exorigo-Upos – Maciej Jakubowski, Chief Technology Officer at Empik.


Empik decided to leverage the SmartKSeF solution provided by Exorigo-Upos. This fulfils the obligations related to e-invoicing and offers the opportunity to optimize and adapt systems and procedures to new standards. SmartKSeF enables the integration of various sales and purchasing systems, centralizing communication with the government register in one place. Unified document validation eliminates errors at an early stage.

– Mandatory e-invoicing brings many benefits, such as streamlining economic turnover by introducing a single e-invoice standard and reducing paper documentation. However, it should be noted that for large entities, it can represent a revolution and require severe changes in processes and procedures. Surprisingly, there is not much time to prepare – Michał Sosnowski, Business Development Director at Exorigo-Upos.


With the implementation of SmartKSeF, Empik enables its customers to verify invoices in real-time, allowing buyers to check the document’s status in KSeF regardless of the processing stage. Through collaboration with Exorigo-Upos, Empik has effectively adapted its processes to the new reality, safeguarding itself against potential penalties associated with e-invoicing errors.

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