Logistics Service Optimization for No Limit

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Logistics Service Optimization for No Limit

No Limit has been operating in the market since 1990. It specializes in providing logistics services in Poland and Europe, conducting daily deliveries to 28 countries. It has 20 modern warehouses located in Central and Eastern European countries. The company offers comprehensive warehouse logistics, servicing both e-commerce and traditional trade, including product distribution to customers.


No Limit engaged Exorigo-Upos to conduct a comprehensive audit of logistic services for one of its retail industry clients. The assignment involved a detailed analysis of No Limit’s business processes to serve this client. In a technical context, the audit sought to scrutinize the communication between systems, identify potential issues and devise a resolution plan.


During the audit, a thorough analysis of the system architecture and system integration with business processes was conducted. Based on these activities, a report with recommendations for improving and enhancing the technical area was prepared. After three weeks of the audit, a significant number of identified errors were reduced. Additionally, monitoring of the current situation on interfaces was introduced, allowing both No Limit and their client full control over the flow of documents between trading systems and the warehouse management system (WMS) and vice versa.

Our company’s choice was driven by its experience conducting such audits and knowledge of e-commerce logistics and traditional retail sales.


The cooperation between No Limit and Exorigo-Upos has improved operational efficiency and the quality of logistics services. This case study illustrates the importance of regular audits to optimize logistics processes and ensure customer satisfaction.

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