Promotion, loyalty & retention solutions

Customer-centric loyalty programs and promotional campaigns have become a permanent element of retail chains’ strategies. They are introduced by more and more companies and are no longer reserved only for the largest ones. Their implementation is now much more straightforward, and mobile applications eliminate the need for physical cards.

Our proprietary system supports an extensive range of loyalty program rules.

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TRP module (Transaction Runtime Processor) is a promotion engine, managing promotions from any channel. It is an integral part of the CSM system.

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Module for handling promotional coupon templates. It executes coupons in a promotion, issuing them based on a pre-defined template. Coupons are disposable and unique.

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A system for distributing coupons among customers and granting specific benefits. For integration with all sales channels.

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System supporting purchases with gift cards. The solution is fully integrated with the EuroPOS cash register system.

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What are the benefits for you?

The most significant benefit of running a loyalty program is to create a bond between the customer and the brand.
The customer, encouraged by rewards to shop more often in your shop, may become a brand ambassador, recommending your products to others. This translates into increased sales
and profits. Your business will be seen as one that cares
and rewards its customers. And you will gain valuable information about your customers and target your marketing and sales communication to them even more effectively.

Why should you entrust us with managing your loyalty program and promotions?

We have many years of experience and extensive know-how in implementing and integrating systems for the largest companies in various industries. We implement the loyalty software and comprehensively incorporate it with your other systems (e.g. CRM) so that they complement each other and work flawlessly. We have a range of proprietary solutions which support the management of loyalty programs and promotions, which is part of a larger ecosystem of omnichannel solutions.

Know-how not only in retail

We are experts in providing IT solutions to big international retail networks – we have over 20 years’ experience

Our clients rank amongst the most dynamic and fastest growing retailers in Central Europe. We have worked with them since the start of their journey in the region.

We are constantly upgrading our service offering and solutions to meet the needs of a rapidly changing retail environment.

We consistently invest in new technologies to respond even more effectively to our customer expectations, challenges and needs in IT and digital transformation.

We go further and implement our solutions in new sectors. See below

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us:

We wanted to unify product information and manage it efficiently within the CCC Group. On the one hand, there are vast volumes of data that need to be organized, and on the other, there are customers who expect clear and precise communication about our comprehensive offer. Hence, we chose Exorigo-Upos as an implementation partner for Akeneo PIM, with many innovative solutions for e-commerce in its portfolio.

Michał Śpiewak


The ambitious plan to implement a new shop coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, which meant that in addition to creating a totally new and unique solution, Exorigo-Upos had to support the existing e-commerce platform, which had to meet significantly increased demand and adapt to the rapidly changing market. An essential element of implementing such a large service is mutual trust and the dedication and high skill level of the contractor.

Olgierd Oszmiański

IT Director and Member of the Management Board


In S.A. we wanted to create a centralized and efficient system for managing product information for various e-commerce channels. We decided to use Akeneo PIM, Enterprise Edition and chose Exorigo-Upos S.A. as the supplier and integration partner. Our decision was influenced mainly by the efficient implementation of a complex Proof of Concept (POC) their experience in implementing leading, high performance shops on the Magento platform and integrating PIM with e-commerce systems.

Maksymilian Musiał

Product Owner

In 2020 we recorded growth of 500% compared with the previous year. The new website is one of the key foundations of Super-Pharm future development. We needed a technology platform to implement new services and solutions for our customers securely, in a stable way.

Remigiusz Chrzanowski

Digital Director and Board Member


In the context of the huge development of the digital channel, we wanted to take more care of the safety of this business from the fiscal point of view. The cooperation with Exorigo-Upos was encouraged by opinions about the company, including the professional approach to the topic, which we became convinced of at the very beginning of the cooperation. The system and processes implemented by Exorigo are of a high-quality level and allow us to have an up-to-date overview of the data.

Eliza Dąbrowska

Omnichannel Financial Controller

Decathlon Poland

The change of the Bricoman online shop was dictated, among other things, by the need to implement new technological solutions. We always want to follow the latest trends and provide our customers with an increasingly better shopping experience. But the new website means not only new functionalities but also a refreshed, modern graphic design, thanks to which we can present the Bricoman product range even better.

Agata Dublasiewicz

E-commerce Project Manager


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