Implementation of a new SUPERPHARM.PL shop on Magento 2

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Implementation of a new SUPERPHARM.PL shop on Magento 2

Super-Pharm has launched a new version of its website!
The post-digital agency GoldenSubmarine was responsible for conducting a UX audit and designing the site, while Exorigo-Upos was in charge of the technical aspects and the entire implementation.

Practical and attractive design

The new website is split into different parts, among others e-drugstore or Lifestyle Club. Due to their specific character, each of them has a slightly different but still consistent visual layer. Their design is simple and attractive to the user and also clearly presents necessary information. Particularly noteworthy are the product tiles designed to enable the user to choose the volume of perfume or the colour of lipstick from the list of a given category and quickly add the right product to the basket. It makes shopping much easier and faster.

500 percent increase

In 2020, we saw year-on-year growth of 500%. And the new website is set to be one of the foundations of Super-Pharm’s continued growth. We needed a digital platform on which we can implement new services and solutions for our customers securely and stably – says Remigiusz Chrzanowski, Digital Director and Super-Pharm board member.

The ambitious implementation plan was compounded by the timing of the Covid-19 pandemic, which meant that in addition to creating a new solution, Exorigo-Upos was supporting an existing online shop that had to meet increasing demands and adapt to a rapidly changing market. Despite the temporary turbulence, together, we launched the new solution in a short time. An important element of implementing such a large service is mutual trust and the proven competencies of the contractor. Super-Pharm relied on the experience and knowledge of its programmers and administrators not only at the stage of design and implementation but, above all, in their daily work to support and further improve the website – adds Olgierd Oszmiański, IT Director and member of the Super-Pharm Management Board.

Workshops are the foundation of good design

Preparation for such an extensive project was preceded by a series of analyses and joint workshops. Thanks to them, the new Super-Pharm website stands out with exciting solutions in customer experience, which do not overwhelm the user with the content of the site and allow them to shop quickly and conveniently.

The first stage of the work was the discovery phase, during which we confronted technical issues of the project, business requirements and user needs in a joint workshop. In addition, using Hotjar and Google Analytics tools, we carefully analysed user behaviour on the current site and even tracked their feedback on Social Media. Finally, we took into account the most frequently reported problems to the customer service department. After a comprehensive analysis, we moved on to the phase of creating the content architecture and the visual layer – says Rafał Niemczynowicz, Head of UX at GoldenSubmarine.

Huge challenge

One of the most interesting solutions of the Super-Pharm website is the Super-Pharm user account integrated with the LifeStyle Club account. It allows customers, among other things, a smooth shopping process, earning loyalty points, or quick access to the history of all orders within one site.

A huge challenge in implementing the Super-Pharm e-shop was to reconcile the large scope and complexity of the project with the tight schedule. We knew that Super-Pharm wanted to implement a modern and functional solution as soon as possible, combining all parts of the service. Therefore, immediately after the Discovery workshop, we put together a project team consisting of Magento 2 senior developers, analysts, testers and Dev-Ops. In such a team, we managed to complete the scope of work, allowing us to launch the website within a few months. Our e-commerce team has a lot of Magento implementations to their credit. Still, we can confidently say that in terms of the size of the migration, the complexity of the applied solutions and our expectations regarding the deadline, this was the most demanding project carried out on Magento 2 in 2020 – says Anna Schabikowska, back then Project Manager, currently Marketing Director at Exorigo-Upos.

Allocation of tasks

During the preparation of the new website, the GoldenSubmarine agency dealt with a comprehensive process, from conducting a UX audit to the final graphic design of the shop. Exorigo-Upos was responsible for front- and back-end work and for the entire implementation, which included integrating with external and internal systems and the migration of all data from the old system to the new one, based on Magento in its latest version. Additionally, we reached for Algolia – a modern Search & Discovery platform, which supports a positive user experience in the Super-Pharm shop, both in product search and while browsing category pages.

Development work is currently underway, and Exorigo-Upos is providing support services for the Super-Pharm shop.

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