Implementation of Akeneo PIM in

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Implementation of Akeneo PIM in

In 2020, we implemented the Akeneo PIM product information management system in The company’s sales value for that year was 52% higher, compared to the previous year.

Challenge S.A. is a leader of innovative technological solutions in the e-commerce industry, selling shoes, bags and accessories. Currently, the company successfully operates in 16 European markets. It provides customers with one of the most comprehensive offers: over 140 000 products from over 560 brands. The company creates trends in the industry and implements ambitious projects, such as: providing millions of Poles with a groundbreaking service, which recommends properly fitting shoes based on a 3D scan, or creating the concept of the stationary shop, where products are not displayed, and tablets are used to view and order them. The company also launched its own sales platform – Modivo with premium clothing.

To maintain the dynamics of development, the level of sales in individual markets and maintain the highest customer service standards, was looking for a centralised and efficient system to manage product information for different e-commerce channels.

Due to the ongoing foreign expansion, the company wanted to include multilingual support in the solution. 

As a result of the available solutions’ analysis, a selection was made of those that meet the essential requirements. The choice fell on the proven solution, namely Akeneo PIM in the Enterprise Edition version, and Exorigo-Upos was entrusted with the supplier’s role in the implementation process.


This type of project is crucial to confirm whether a given tool meets the customer’s requirements. decided to choose Akeneo PIM only after completing the Proof of Concept.

For the joint implementation of POC for Akeneo recommended Exorigo-Upos – official technology partner in Poland, specialising in PIM implementations. The work at this stage of the project was based on a close partnership between, Akeneo and Exorigo-Upos. All parties cared about the business and technical verification of the solution’s original concept. takes the reliability and completeness of product data very seriously, understanding how important this is to online customers. As part of the search for a system that would support the dynamic development of the product catalog in current and new markets, while keeping the work of the multi-person team involved in creating and verifying product data, turned to Akeneo. It turned out relatively quickly that Akeneo PIM functionally responds very well to its business needs and user expectations. Before deciding on the implementation, one more challenge remained – a massive volume of products dynamically changing due to seasonality. Proof of concept, conducted jointly with Exorigo-Upos confirmed the high performance of Akeneo PIM and finally we proceeded with the implementation.”

Dariusz Głażewski – Senior Business Development Manager Eastern Europe, Akeneo

It was also crucial that the company performing the implementation had knowledge and experience in e-commerce. In this case, Exorigo-Upos, as an Adobe partner, was a proven provider – both in the implementation of shops on the Magento platform and in PIM integrations with shopping platforms. Besides, the company has been providing complex technological solutions for the retail sector for over 20 years and therefore knows its needs well.

“We wanted to unify product information within the CCC group and manage it efficiently. On the company’s side there are vast volumes of data that need to be organized. On the other side, customers expect clear and precise communication about our comprehensive offer. Hence, the decision to choose Akeneo as a proven tool and Exorigo-Upos as an implementation partner, which has many innovative solutions for e-commerce in its portfolio.”

Michał Śpiewak – CTO, S.A.

The project was carried out over several months, starting from Minimum Viable Product (MVP), through adjusting the solution to the business needs of S.A., to launching the final version. Regular consultations were held with Akeneo as a solution provider. This was an important support for the teams on the client and supplier side.

PIM implementation was conducted using the Agile methodology – both in the development and project management areas. The result was a solution thoroughly tested by users and fulfilling the expectations of end users.

“Together with the and Akeneo teams, we decided to implement the MVP (minimum viable product) version in the first step, launching essential business functionalities. This approach resulted in quick implementation of a working system that allows for easy product data management across multiple markets and platforms, as well as automation processes. It also allowed work to be carried out parallel on systems that draw data from Akeneo.
In this project’s case, the scale of the implementation, the number of integrated systems, the size of the product catalogue and the diversity of markets were important aspects. It was crucial to choose the right solutions that ensure the PIM platform high performance and consequently allow for dynamic development.”

Adrian Liwiński – CTO E-commerce Team, Exorigo-Upos S.A.


Currently, the PIM Akeneo is thoroughly used by all Modivo sites., Exorigo-Upos and Akeneo cooperate on an ongoing basis on the maintenance and further developing the solution.

“According to the Statista DigitalMarket Outlook report, Poland ranks 13th among the world’s fastest growing e-commerce markets. And as indicated by the latest results, the sales of in the entire year 2020 increased to 2.2 billion PLN (+52% y/y), with an EBITDA margin of 9.0%. We are pleased that as Exorigo-Upos, we have the opportunity to implement solutions, such as e-commerce platforms and Akeneo PIM, which contribute to this success and support the development of our customers.”

Anna Schabikowska – Project Manager, Exorigo-Upos S.A.

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