Taurus Online Fiscal Printer


user manual

Equipped with an integrated customer display

RS232 and Ethernet connections in a standard format

Compact size

Reliable Seiko printing mechanism

Taurus Online Fiscal Printer

Online printer designed to be integrated into other devices, such as self-service cash registers or kiosks. It can be used in virtually any industry context, including fuel sales, parking meters or toll gates on motorways. Fiscalisation takes place on connection with the Central Repository of Cash Registers (CRK).

Generation of fiscal VAT invoices

Electronic journal

350 000 products

Fiscal life: 2100 daily records


  • Practically for any industry and to fiscalise any sales.

  • It can be integrated entirely with other devices, like a self-service cash register, thanks to its small size.

  • Online fiscal control, verified in real-time – automatically assigned registration number of the cash register.

  • Approval allows for fiscal reconciliation without the need to print a physical, paper fiscal receipt – electronic record on the Electronic Journal copy is created.

  • Lack of connection to the Central Repository of Cash Registers does not block sales.

  • Transmits sales data and any issued documents to the CRK according to the schedule.

Technical data

General Information

Name Taurus FVA Online
Construction external, to built-in
Dimensions (h x w x l) Customer display: 60 x 115 x 25
Weight Customer display 0.07kg

Printing mechanism parameters

Type Thermosensitive, single-layered, in Rolls
Printing speed Max. 200 lines/sec.
Paper width 57 mm (max. 58) mm
Diamer of the roll (maximum) 200 mm
Number of characters in the line 48
The diameter of the thimble inner: 12 mm, external: 18 mm
Reliability of the mechanism 20 mln lines
Reliability of the head 50 km of paper
Reliability of the cutter 1 mln cuts
MCTF 100 km
Paper cutter automatic, partial or total
The size of the sign 1.125 mm

Fiscal parameters

Capacity of the commodity base 350 000 PLU
Number of daily records 2100
The method of creating the commodity base Automatically, during the sale
Number of fiscal VAT invoices No restrictions
Number of VAT rates 7 (A … G)

User parameters

Power supply 12V DC, 24mA
Display Graphic
Type of display OLED 3.12 ” RAYSTAR
Resolution 256×64 piixels
View angle 160°
Permissible value ranges for sizes alphanumeric and numeric Depending on the font chosen and the width of the paper – to 56 characters; capital letters, numbers, characters:. ,% \ /
Price per unit 0.01 .. 429496,72
Quantity 0.005 … 429496,7295
Transaction amount for one item 0.01 .. 429496,72
Payment amount 0,01 .. 1717986,91
Daily amounts (total) 0,01 .. 54975581,38
Minimalny czas życia baterii podtrzymującej zegar: 5 years
Battery working time 48 hours, 6,000 print lines (after charging 24 hours)
The maximum number of items on the receipt or invoice 547

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