Fiscal Printer FP-T88FVA Online


user manual

Integrated, clear, two-line display

Fiscal lifetime: 2100 daily records

Interfaces RS232, ETH

easy load mechanism

FP-T88FVA Online fiscal printer

Online fiscal printer adapted to intensive sales conditions, with printer fiscal reconciliation taking place on connection to the Central Repository of Cash registers (CRK).

Two font sizes on the display

Built-in LAN switch

Printing mechanism EPSON TM-T88V

Carries up to 8 personalized graphics

Wide paper support (up to 80 mm)

Data backup onto a microSD card

Dedicated software for viewing its contents

Product database: 350,000 products


  • Adapted for intensive sales conditions.

  • Supports saving copies of data on a microSD carrier.

  • Complies with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance.

  • Enables customization of non-fiscal printouts.

  • Ensures consistent print quality across all types of cashier stations

  • Highly reliable and durable.

Technical data

General Information

Name FP-T88FVA Online
Construction Compact, free-standing
Dimensions (h x w x l) 195 x 242 x 363 (standard mast)
Weight 3 kg

Printing mechanism parameters

Type Thermosensitive, single-layered, in Rolls
Printing speed Standard 32 lines/sec.
Paper width 80 mm or 58 mm (± 0,5 mm)
Diamer of the roll (maximum) 83 mm
Number of characters in the line Up to 56 characters depending on the font size and paper width
Paper width 80 mm or 58 mm (± 0,5 mm)
The diameter of the thimble nner: 12 mm, external: 18 mm
Reliability of the mechanism 20 mln lines
Reliability of the head 150 km of paper
Reliability of the cutter 2 mln cuts
MCBF 70 mln lines
MTBF 360 thousand hours

Fiscal parameters

Capacity of the commodity base 350 000 PLU
Number of daily records 2100
The method of creating the commodity base Automatically, during the sale
Number of fiscal VAT invoices No restrictions
Number of VAT rates 7 (A … G)

User parameters

Power type AC- battery, external battery + 24V DC, 2.1A
Voltage 24V DC
Power consumption Maximum: 48 W

Typical: 41 W

Standby: 4 W

Permissible value ranges for sizes alphanumeric and numeric Depending on the font chosen and the width of the paper – to 56 characters; capital letters, numbers, characters:. ,% \ /
Price per unit 0.01 .. 429496,72
Quantity 0.005 … 429496,7295
Transaction amount for one item 0.01 .. 429496,72
Payment amount 0,01 .. 1717986,91
Daily amounts (total) 0,01 .. 54975581,38
Minimalny czas życia baterii podtrzymującej zegar: 5 years
Battery working time 48 hours, 6,000 print lines (after charging 24 hours)
The maximum number of items on the receipt or invoice 547

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