Self-Check Out (SCO)

19 “/ 21” monitor

SD memory

Signaling controller with lighting

Taurus Online built-in fiscal printer

Self-Check Out (SCO)

The digitization of checkout lines responds to current consumer expectations of a fast and smooth shopping experience. According to research, checkout queues are the most frustrating part of the in-store shopping experience. Our proprietary SCO project is a solution that allows customers to go through the shopping process quickly, smoothly and without contact with a cashier. In addition, it is packed with innovative and intelligent solutions.
Our self-service cash register has a fully integrated printer – Taurus Online. We have applied an intuitive interface that helps to go through the purchase process smoothly. It monitors its status, including temperature and power consumption, and when possible, goes to sleep. It is the only SCO on the market that allows you to record sales without printing a receipt. The receipt is then recorded on the Electronic Journal copy and functions in the SD memory of the equipment.
We offer a functional solution created based on our experience in implementing solutions facilitating the transition through the purchasing process.

Our SCO is an eco-friendly device.

We have applied an intuitive interface that helps to go through the purchase process smoothly.

We supply all the components, carry out the implementation, as well as the necessary integrations.

Our experienced, nationwide service team services the device of our clients.

Benefits of SCOs implementation:

  • An increase in revenue due to shorter queues and a reduction in the number of people abandoning purchases.

  • More positive customer feedback about the shop, resulting from a better user experience.

  • Relieving staff from handling customers at the checkout – they can be delegated to other tasks.

  • Space-saving – in place of a traditional cash register, there will be up to 3 SCOs.

  • Increased number of impulse purchases, thanks to more space for displaying goods.