PIM implementations

We are an official Akeneo technology partner in Poland and the UK. We are responsible for implementations, migrations to Akeneo PIM from other systems, and the service and support we provide to customers such as eobuwie.pl and CCC. We help to fit Akeneo PIM into the existing solution architecture. We effectively advise on the integration of PIM with current product information sources.

Why should you bet on Akeneo PIM?

Akeneo PIM or Product Information Management is a modern system that enables centralized and efficient product information management. It is beneficial for companies that frequently update product descriptions or intensively expand their offer in many sales channels. Using a separate system where this data is stored and managed, and exported to an e-commerce shop, mobile app or printed materials, is a business-efficient solution. It helps brands to build a competitive advantage.

Why use PIM implementation by Exorigo-Upos?

PIM implementation projects require a lot of experience and knowledge in the area of system architecture. They are usually implemented in the already existing product data flow system. And during the project implementation, they should not disturb this balance. We know this very well, which is why our Akeneo PIM implementations are successful. It is essential to prepare well for the project and define the stages in which the implementation will occur. With our client eobuwie.pl, we started with a PoC (Proof of Concept) to confirm whether the PIM will meet business expectations and be suitable for such an extensive product information system that the client is dealing with. Only after a positive outcome of such a trial did we plan an additional implementation.

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Akeneo PIM implementation in 7 steps

See for yourself that with us, you will implement the system quickly and effectively.


Analysis of architecture and product information sources


Preparation of detailed project assumptions


System configuration and migration of historical data


Completion of product data


Test plugging of systems retrieving data from PIM


Final testing


Launch of MVP or target version

Grow globally with Akeneo

Implementing Akeneo PIM means 4x more conversions and 40% fewer returns.

Control over data

You guarantee consistency of detailed product data and eliminate mistakes.

Faster time-to-market

You initiate sales in all channels and various geographic locations.

Save time

Manage product information more efficiently. Take advantage of automatic translations.

High-quality content

Build competitive advantage by providing consistent and better product information.

Content adapted to the sales channel

You can choose which information will appear in a specific channel.

All your data in one place

Scentralizowanie danych z ERP, POS, plików XML czy CSV minimalizuje ryzyko błędów.

Scalable solution

Suitable for different scale of business and easy to expand.

Simple and intuitive interface

Your employees will quickly enter descriptions and make the necessary updates.

Popular PHP Symfony framework

You will appreciate its speed, scalability and the fact that it does not require enormous system resources.

Easy integration

In the Akeneo marketplace, you will find many ready-made extensions and plugins for Magento, among others.

Work automation

The system enables mass actions and checks the completeness of product cards.

More convenient work

All teams responsible for product data, including external providers of such information, gain one standard tool to work.

How does Akeneo PIM work?

Product information management in Akeneo, in a nutshell, involves the collection, completion and distribution of data. The flexibility of PIM and the fact that it is a solution dedicated to this specific area make working on product information material take on a whole new quality.

Data integration

The primary purpose of implementing PIM is to gather product information in one place. Usually, some of the data is in the ERP and e-commerce system, and the rest is in, e.g. XLS or CSV files. Akeneo PIM has native import mechanisms to streamline the compilation of this dispersed data.


When implementing Akeneo PIM, it is a good idea to determine how the daily workflow of all data will look after a one-time import. E.g. the source of initiating the completion of information can be the moment of transferring data about a new product from ERP to PIM.

Data unification

A PIM project is an excellent time to organise data. Some of it may be common to all the channels retrieving it, but for some of it, e.g. the colour dictionary, specific settings may need to be maintained.

Completing the data

After the initial data import, it is time to fill in the gaps. You will need: product categories to be defined, attributes to be assigned, descriptions to be expanded according to SEO requirements, media files and images to be added, and links between products to be created.

Data distribution

Akeneo has unique mechanisms for data exchange. After selecting the distribution channels and confirming the completeness of the data, use the connector. In this way, you can send the desired information to the e-commerce shop, mobile application or selected marketing materials.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us:

We wanted to unify product information and manage it efficiently within the CCC Group. On the one hand, there are vast volumes of data that need to be organized, and on the other, there are customers who expect clear and precise communication about our comprehensive offer. Hence, we chose Exorigo-Upos as an implementation partner for Akeneo PIM, with many innovative solutions for e-commerce in its portfolio.

Michał Śpiewak



The ambitious plan to implement a new shop coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, which meant that in addition to creating a totally new and unique solution, Exorigo-Upos had to support the existing e-commerce platform, which had to meet significantly increased demand and adapt to the rapidly changing market. An essential element of implementing such a large service is mutual trust and the dedication and high skill level of the contractor.

Olgierd Oszmiański

IT Director and Member of the Management Board


In eobuwie.pl S.A. we wanted to create a centralized and efficient system for managing product information for various e-commerce channels. We decided to use Akeneo PIM, Enterprise Edition and chose Exorigo-Upos S.A. as the supplier and integration partner. Our decision was influenced mainly by the efficient implementation of a complex Proof of Concept (POC) their experience in implementing leading, high performance shops on the Magento platform and integrating PIM with e-commerce systems.

Maksymilian Musiał

Product Owner


In 2020 we recorded growth of 500% compared with the previous year. The new website is one of the key foundations of Super-Pharm future development. We needed a technology platform to implement new services and solutions for our customers securely, in a stable way.

Remigiusz Chrzanowski

Digital Director and Board Member


In the context of the huge development of the digital channel, we wanted to take more care of the safety of this business from the fiscal point of view. The cooperation with Exorigo-Upos was encouraged by opinions about the company, including the professional approach to the topic, which we became convinced of at the very beginning of the cooperation. The system and processes implemented by Exorigo are of a high-quality level and allow us to have an up-to-date overview of the data.

Eliza Dąbrowska

Omnichannel Financial Controller

Decathlon Poland

The change of the Bricoman online shop was dictated, among other things, by the need to implement new technological solutions. We always want to follow the latest trends and provide our customers with an increasingly better shopping experience. But the new website means not only new functionalities but also a refreshed, modern graphic design, thanks to which we can present the Bricoman product range even better.

Agata Dublasiewicz

E-commerce Project Manager


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