SmartOrder – fiscal handling of orders e-commerce

A modular system that guarantees fiscalization and documentation of each order from any sales system. Dedicated to systems e-commerce but open to integration with WMS systems, marketplace, mobile applications, courier services, etc. Safe, efficient, proven, and reliable.

Why do you need SmartOrder and its easy fiscalization process?

You integrate once and gain easy access to each of the 3 modules.

The modular system is provided not only by programmers but primarily by fiscalization experts.

You are concerned about fiscal law. We ensure compliance with tax regulations.

The SmartOrder module guarantees fiscalization sends receipts to the customer and organizes the flow of documents.

Fiscalizes sales on fiscal printers.

Delivers simplified e-receipts and e-invoices to customers or a defined system.

Exports the fiscal daily report to the indicated system.

Sales fiscalization is an absorbing process and requires special knowledge.

As a manufacturer of fiscal devices, we have been expanding it for 30 years. And we have been dealing with automatic fiscalization for over 10 years. Choose the modular SmartHub solution, which guarantees the fiscalization of each received transaction.


It is a point of contact for all systems: e-commerce, WMS, marketplace, mobile, courier, click & collect, etc. It helps manage a pool of printers (owned or outsourced) and ensures automatic fiscalization.


It supports electronic receipts, including storage, sharing, distribution, and personalization of receipt visualization. Read more

SmartKSeF – SmartInvoice

It automatically generates invoices and correction invoices, is integrated with KSeF, and guarantees compliance with future fiscal law regulations. Read more


Get to know all modules of the sales fiscal solution: e-commerce, e-receipts, e-invoices. Read more

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