SmartHub – a dedicated solution for sales fiscalization

The modular solution allows for mandatory fiscalization, integration with KSeF, and environmentally friendly e-receipts for the omnichannel sales model. SaaS services cover the entire scope of sales registration and documentation.

The SmartHub system guarantees effective fiscalization and short production start-up time.

Delivered as a SaaS service

Easily connect to software provided as a cloud solution

Redundancy of all system components

Ensuring high availability and reliability of SmartHub e-fiscalization

Guarantee of speed, reliability, and security

Over 25 million transactions were fiscalized in our system in 2022

The modular SmartHub e-fiscalization system provides comprehensive support for recording, documenting, and reporting sales to end customers or seller systems.

Fiscalizes sales on fiscal printers.

Provides e-receipts and simplified e-invoices.

Issues and delivers VAT e-invoices to end customers or seller’s systems.

Reports receipts and VAT invoices to the seller’s systems, issued for registered sales.

Exports fiscal daily reports.

Discover the possibilities of SmartHub

Sales fiscalization is an absorbing process and requires special knowledge.

As a manufacturer of fiscal devices, we have been expanding it for 30 years. And we have been dealing with automatic fiscalization for over ten years. Choose the modular SmartHub solution, which guarantees the fiscalization of each transaction received.


It is a point of contact for all systems: e-commerce, WMS, marketplace, mobile, courier, click & collect, etc. It helps manage a pool of printers(owned or outsourced) and ensures automatic fiscalization.


It provides electronic receipt support, including storage, sharing, distribution, and personalizationof receipt visualization. It automatically generates VAT and correction invoices, is integrated with KSeF, and guarantees compliance with future fiscal law regulations. Read more

SmartKSeF – SmartInvoice

It automatically generates VAT and correction invoices, is integrated with KSeF, and guarantees compliance with future fiscal law regulations. Read more

We provide full support for all technical and organizational aspects

Our extensive experience allows us to offer comprehensive technical and organizational support. That includes providing infrastructure, foreign licenses, Service Desk support, maintenance, and implementing changes related to legal updates. Additionally, fiscal printers can be placed in specially prepared rooms at Exorigo-Upos, ensuring redundancy in power supply, network connections, and climate control.

Low entry threshold and short time-to-market.
Discover the other seven advantages of the SmartHub e-fiscalization system:


It guarantees the fiscalization of each received transaction.


It generates purchasing documents:: e-receipts, simplified e-invoices, and VAT, and delivers them to the customer or seller’s systems.


It’s simple and provides a sense of complete control – one process and point of contact between the order system (e-commerce) and fiscalization (SmartHub).


It supports being green – saving paper, electricity and reducing the carbon footprint.


It evenly loads printers – it performs load-balancing.


It automates the process of closing the fiscal day.


It complies with all legal requirements concerning fiscalization.

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