E-PARAGON+ ensures the digitization of receipts and non-fiscal documents

E-PARAGON+ is a comprehensive solution for retailers and their clients, as it enables the digitization of receipts and non-fiscal documents. The Exorigo-Upos system will ensure the issuance of electronic permits as well as the choice of the form of making them available to consumers. According to the law, the customers should finally be able to choose the shape of the purchase document: they can select an electronic receipt or, according to the regulation, a traditional fiscal receipt.

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Find out why retailers need the E-PARAGON+ solution

The E-PARAGON+ system comprehensively secures the process of issuing government e-receipts and other non-fiscal printouts.

  • It gives the possibility to choose the form of making e-receipts available to customers.
  • It will integrate with the government hub and retailer applications, e.g., loyalty.
  • Allows you to connect various types of printers (e.g., UPOS, Posnet, Novitus, Elzab)
  • Provides guaranteed e-receipt service at the checkout: it is possible to send a link to the document, e.g., via SMS, to the telephone number indicated by the customer.
  • It will adapt to the architecture of IT systems and the client’s business ecosystem.

E-PARAGON+ enables the digitization of various types of documents. What else distinguishes it from a government hub?

Supports non-fiscal printouts

The solution will handle formats such as The state hub, but it cannot do this due to the technical limitations of printers.

Digitizes after-sales documents

The system for digitizing receipts and non-fiscal documents E-PARAGON+ enables digitization of various records, e.g., confirmation of goods returns, deposits, and issuing invoices.

It archives files for a long time.

The hub also does not offer the ability to store documents in the repository for two years, with the option of a paid extension.

It provides e-receipts in an uninterrupted manner.

In the event of introducing changes to the seller’s systems or applications, he will be able, thanks to E-PARAGON+, to maintain the uninterrupted process of providing e-receipts in any expected way: on a push or pull basis.

Provides free access to documents

It allows the end customer to view not only e-receipts but also after-sales documents – a government hub cannot provide this connection.

It guarantees independence from other systems.

Regardless of the availability of a government hub or own application, E-PARAGON+ allows the consumer to download an electronic receipt conveniently.

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Korzyści e-paragonów

E-receipts help in saving and taking care of ecology

They ensure compliance with ESG

Due to the reporting obligation under the ESG directive, implementing E-receipts will facilitate the demonstration of energy savings and pro-ecological activities.

They are durable and comfortable.

An electronic document is easier to store and more durable.

They save

E-receipts ensure lower consumption of thermal paper and electricity (12 billion receipts are printed annually in Poland) and also limit the production and contact with bisphenol A (a carcinogenic substance).

They streamline sales execution mechanisms.

Introducing e-receipts will optimize some processes, e.g., manual handling of printouts, complaints, returns of goods and services, and their exchange.

They guarantee authenticity

Currently, sales documents available, e.g., in loyalty applications, have only an informative function. E-receipts guarantee authenticity, which is essential for the retailer and the consumer.

system do e-paragonów e-paragon+ - proces dostarczenia paragonu do klienta

Learn the 4 steps of delivering the e-receipt to the customer.

Our E-PARAGON+ system is designed so that, regardless of the situation, the retailer will always provide the customer with an e-receipt.


The system is ready to provide the e-receipt to the customer, even if it is impossible to use the from the government application’s ID.


The cashier enters the data provided by the customer (bar code, QR code, e-mail address, telephone number) in the cash register panel.


After fiscalization, the e-receipt is issued and recorded in the repository.


The document is made available to the client.

The E-PARAGON+ system enables a comprehensive e-commerce fiscalization service.

It fulfills the obligation of fiscalization

All work related to the obligation of fiscalization, up to the delivery of the e-document to the customer, can be carried out by the Exorigo-Upos system. E-PARAGON+ supports large volumes of fiscalization and provides feedback to sales systems.

It integrates automatically

The seller’s sales systems will automatically integrate with the E-PARAGON+ system according to individual interfaces and a ready-made out-of-the-box API.

Allows you to spread your expenses

Thanks to the flexible billing system, there is no need to start investing. A dedicated Exorigo-Upos team supervises the operation of fiscal devices 24/7/365.

Optimizes the use of equipment

Distributing the load and scaling of system performance ensures effective management of the pool of fiscal printers and monitoring their availability.

Simplifies e-invoicing

The process of creating electronic documents is hassle-free thanks to the automatic generation of B2B/B2C e-invoices for receipts and corrective invoices for returns. The visualization of the e-invoice can be according to a unique layout with the possibility of delivery to the buyer. The system is integrated with KSeF (National System of e-Invoices).

Provides freedom in implementation

Implementing the application in the on-premise model and operating fiscal devices independently is possible. The flexible architecture allows for a modular approach (fiscalization, e-invoice generation, document visualization generation, and delivery to the buyer).

Archives reports

Trouble-free handling and archiving of fiscal reports.

Learn the legal basis for the implementation of e-receipts in Poland

The publication of the regulations enabled manufacturers of fiscal devices to start analytical, design, and implementation work. The Central Office approved the first fiscal printer of Measures in August 2022. Art. 111 sec. 3a point 1 of the VAT Act (11.03.2004 on tax on goods and services) mentions the obligation to issue a receipt. On September 28, 2021, two regulations of the Minister of Development, Labor and Technology were published: on technical requirements for cash registers (Journal of Laws, item 1759) and criteria and technical conditions to be met by cash registers with electronic copy recording (Journal of Laws item 1753). They specify the technical requirements for (online) cash registers that can send e-receipts. An essential piece of information is that the customer should be able to choose the form of the receipt he receives.

program do wystawiania e-paragonów e-paragon+ formularz kontaktowy

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us:

We wanted to unify product information and manage it efficiently within the CCC Group. On the one hand, there are vast volumes of data that need to be organized, and on the other, there are customers who expect clear and precise communication about our comprehensive offer. Hence, we chose Exorigo-Upos as an implementation partner for Akeneo PIM, with many innovative solutions for e-commerce in its portfolio.

Michał Śpiewak



The ambitious plan to implement a new shop coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, which meant that in addition to creating a totally new and unique solution, Exorigo-Upos had to support the existing e-commerce platform, which had to meet significantly increased demand and adapt to the rapidly changing market. An essential element of implementing such a large service is mutual trust and the dedication and high skill level of the contractor.

Olgierd Oszmiański

IT Director and Member of the Management Board


In eobuwie.pl S.A. we wanted to create a centralized and efficient system for managing product information for various e-commerce channels. We decided to use Akeneo PIM, Enterprise Edition and chose Exorigo-Upos S.A. as the supplier and integration partner. Our decision was influenced mainly by the efficient implementation of a complex Proof of Concept (POC) their experience in implementing leading, high performance shops on the Magento platform and integrating PIM with e-commerce systems.

Maksymilian Musiał

Product Owner


In 2020 we recorded growth of 500% compared with the previous year. The new website is one of the key foundations of Super-Pharm future development. We needed a technology platform to implement new services and solutions for our customers securely, in a stable way.

Remigiusz Chrzanowski

Digital Director and Board Member


In the context of the huge development of the digital channel, we wanted to take more care of the safety of this business from the fiscal point of view. The cooperation with Exorigo-Upos was encouraged by opinions about the company, including the professional approach to the topic, which we became convinced of at the very beginning of the cooperation. The system and processes implemented by Exorigo are of a high-quality level and allow us to have an up-to-date overview of the data.

Eliza Dąbrowska

Omnichannel Financial Controller

Decathlon Poland

The change of the Bricoman online shop was dictated, among other things, by the need to implement new technological solutions. We always want to follow the latest trends and provide our customers with an increasingly better shopping experience. But the new website means not only new functionalities but also a refreshed, modern graphic design, thanks to which we can present the Bricoman product range even better.

Agata Dublasiewicz

E-commerce Project Manager