Additional customer display

Present information about the transaction that is currently taking place at the POS.

Present various marketing and sales promotion content

The connection options are Ethernet (preferred), Wi-Fi or USB.

Attract the customer’s attention.

Additional customer display

The customer can, in real-time, check prices and names of products added to the account. He can also verify the transaction summary, see information about given discounts, amount to be paid, amount paid, and change to be delivered in case of cash payments. The display can present. information that the customer particularly cares about (eg fuel prices). Thanks to a good exposure, they attract the customer’s attention.

Advantages of customer additional display:

  • Improved customer experience and customer opinion of the shop.

  • Increase in revenue by displaying advertisements, for example, for products that are available at the checkout.

  • Possibility to promote other sales channels, such as online shopping, click & collect.

  • More attractive sales floor – by presenting colour ads or videos.

  • The device can be used to survey the level of satisfaction with purchases.

  • The customer display is controlled from the cash register application and should therefore be connected to the cash register so that messages can be exchanged.

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