Fiscal Printer UPOS-FP 20 Online


user manual

Two display options: integrated or free-standing

Interfaces: RS232, ETH

Thermal printing mechanism EPSON TM-T20II

Built-in LAN switch

UPOS-FP 20 Online Fiscal Printer

Compact online fiscal printer withexpanded functionality and intuitive operation. Fiscal reconciliation occurs on connection to the Central Repository of Cash Registers (CRK).

Paper saving function and easy load mechanism.

Printing speed: up to 57 lines per second.

Paper width: 58 mm or 80 mm with a maximum diameter of 83 mm.

Can handle single-ply and heat-sensitive paper.

Auto adjustment to drawer parameters.

Generation of electronic copies of receipts and invoices.

Goods base: 350,000 products.

Fiscal life: 5 years and 8 months (2100 daily records).


  • Ideal for large de-centralized retail chains.

  • Various possibilities of arranging the cash desk thanks to two options of display placement.

  • Supports self-checkout.

  • Wide selection of functionality, including discount vouchers, GSM top-ups, bill payment confirmations and card payment confirmations.

  • Generation of electronic copies of receipts and invoices, which are printed at the transaction time.

  • Supports creation of personalized non-fiscal printouts.

  • Saves paper by deactivating the header before printing.

  • Easy to move around.

Technical information

Mechanical specification

Construction compact, free-standing
Mechanism dimensions 144 x 199 x 147
Dimensions with integrated display 146 x 228 x 245 (standard mast)

146 x 228 x 415 (mast optional)
Weight included in the integrated set 2, 4 kg (without paper)

Electrical specification

Power type Mains and rechargeable batteries, external power supply + 24V DC, 2.1A
Tension 24V DC
Maximum power consumption 48 W
Typical power consumption 33 W
Standby power consumption 5 W

Working and storage conditions

Working temperature 5° – +45°C
Storage temperature – 10° – +50°C (except paper)
Working humidity 10% – 85% (no condensation)
Storage humidity 10% – 90% (no condensation except paper)

Fiscal parameters

Number of daily records 2100
Number of invoices No limitation
Number of VAT rates 7 (including exempt rate)
Number of items in the goods base 350 000
The method of creating a commodity base Automatically, during the sale

Acceptable ranges of values for alphanumeric and numeric quantities

Name of product / service uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, characters:. ,% \ / and Polish characters in the selected code page; the length of the name corresponds to the number of characters per line
unit price 0,01 .. 429496,7249
Quantity 0,0001 .. 429496,7295
Transaction amount for one item 0,01 .. 429496,7249
Payment amount 0,01 .. 1717986,91
Daily amounts (total) 0,01 .. 42949672,95
Minimum clock battery life 5 years
Battery operation time 48 hours, 6000 lines of printing (24 hours after charging)
Maximum number of items on the receipt or invoice 547

Receipt printer

The type of the printer Thermal, paper cutter
The dimensions of the sign 1,41 x 3,39 mm (width x height)
Number of characters per line 48
Speed of printing sales items 32 line / s

Lifetime of the mechanism

Printhead 100 km paper
The cutter 1,5 mln cuts
Mechanism 15 mln line
MCBF 60 mln linii
MTBF 360 tys. godzin

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