Implementation of the MCM system with interfaces at TOPAZ

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Implementation of the MCM system with interfaces at TOPAZ


Topaz, a chain of grocery stores in the Polish capital, has been supplying households with various food and industrial products for over 25 years. With over 65 own stores and an additional 65 franchise stores, Topaz consistently invests in modern tools supporting the operation of stores, focusing on a modern approach to customer needs.

Topaz cooperated with Exorigo-Upos to implement innovative space planning tools, recognising the need to gain a competitive advantage. In 2021, Exorigo-Upos began implementing professional tools from Apollo, manufacturer of Symphony Retail, for planning and managing store space.

The Apollo project consisted of several stages, starting with assessing existing infrastructure. Despite having a license from another space planning provider, Topaz expanded its capabilities by continuing to cooperate with Exorigo-Upos.


The project began with a pre-implementation analysis, which resulted in a document containing requirements, configurations and descriptions of the interfaces to be implemented. Daily internal team meetings and weekly interactions with the client, which took place almost entirely remotely, were crucial to solving current problems, proposing solutions and discussing challenges arising from the testing phase.

The evolution of the project led to the introduction of new Space Planning, Macro Space Planning and Planogram Management modules, adapting to the growing requirements of the ever-increasing Topaz network. Exorigo-Upos faced the challenge of delivering functionality, especially considering Topaz users were familiar with the Space Planning component of Apollo. Fully aware users who could define expectations were, on the one hand, conscious consultants during business analysis, and on the other hand, a challenge for the team that implemented the solution.

After successful implementation, a support agreement was signed with the client, covering two main parts: support and development. This agreement was intended to ensure a smooth transition to the new system and meet future needs related to developing space planning capabilities at Topaz.


The cooperation between Topaz and Exorigo-Upos is a perfect example of successful synergy between an innovative retail network and an experienced technology partner. Using the expertise and modern solutions of Exorigo-Upos, Topaz has not only improved its space planning capabilities but also created the foundation for further growth and maintaining competitiveness in the dynamic retail environment.

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