Development of a self-service platform for grocery store networks

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Development of a self-service platform for grocery store networks


To effectively expand the sales network and develop a self-service platform for customers, one of Poland’s largest grocery store networks has partnered with Exorigo-Upos company. The key elements were adapting the hardware platform to standards, standardizing processes, and quickly implementing changes within short timeframes.


Exorigo-Upos demonstrated high effectiveness and professionalism in addressing the challenges. The entire service, including network expansion and the development of the self-service platform, was launched in just one day. Thanks to the standardization of the hardware platform, the company efficiently met short implementation deadlines and focused on opening new branches in the same regions.


The results of this collaboration are visible both in technical and operational aspects. Standardizing the hardware platform contributed to the effective network expansion and streamlined the daily operations of stores. Exorigo-Upos’ actions have influenced the smooth functionality of the business, increasing efficiency and providing optimal working conditions.

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