The Auchan store network is turning to the SmartKSeF solution in connection with the upcoming tax revolution

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The Auchan store network is turning to the SmartKSeF solution in connection with the upcoming tax revolution

Starting from July 1, 2024, the National e-Invoice System (KSeF) will become mandatory in Poland. Several changes will occur, which may require significant adjustments in processes and IT systems. Therefore, it is essential to initiate preparations for implementation as soon as possible. The Auchan store network has chosen Exorigo-Upos as a technological partner to implement the SmartKSeF solution.

As a leader in digital transformation in the retail sector, Auchan has begun intensive preparations to integrate with KSeF. The company has decided to utilize our SmartKSeF solution to achieve this goal. For the store network, this is not only about implementing a new e-invoicing system but also an opportunity to optimize and adapt its systems and procedures to the upcoming changes.

– Implementing KSeF has a critical impact on efficient business operations, especially in the retail sector where invoicing processes are critical. That’s why we are conducting advanced implementation work and have invited Exorigo-Upos, a trusted partner in delivering technological solutions for the retail industry – says Eric Delahousse, CFO at Auchan Poland.

By 2024, e-invoices will be mandatory for all taxpayers in Poland. Considering the scope of changes that the introduction of KSeF requires, the time for preparation is limited. Invoicing is a crucial business process, and comprehensive communication with the government register can be challenging. It may take several months to ensure a secure KSeF implementation, often involving testing and modifying internal processes.

Meeting these changes can be a significant challenge for many entities. Therefore, in the initial preparatory phase, it is important to verify all sources of invoice issuance and ensure that the company is ready to communicate with the government system. This includes access to all required data for various invoices and business cases and the ability to securely and efficiently process invoices regardless of KSeF’s availability. Cooperation with the internal IT department or an external trusted service provider will be necessary.

Our SmartKSeF solution enables the integration of various sales and purchasing systems, centralizing all communication with the government system in one place. An essential aspect of the answer is the standardization of document verification, which allows for error detection at an early stage.

When developing our solution for KSeF communication, we drew from years of experience in implementing point-of-sale systems and the Cloud EFT payment hub for significant players in the Polish retail industry. In the past, the seller had control over the invoice. However, with mandatory e-invoicing, introducing the document into legal circulation relies on registering the invoice in KSeF (confirmed by issuing a unique KSeF invoice number), which depends on the system prepared by the Ministry of Finance. This is particularly important in retail invoicing, where there is no room for significant delays in registering invoices in KSeF, and issuing a document that is not an invoice due to KSeF rejection poses a risk of improper sales documentation.

With SmartKSeF, companies will allow their customers to verify issued invoices in real time, and purchasers can check the status of invoices in KSeF, regardless of the document processing stage.

– Implementing mandatory e-invoicing brings many benefits, primarily streamlining business transactions by introducing a single e-invoice standard and reducing paper documentation. However, it should be remembered that this can be a revolution for large entities and require significant changes in processes and procedures. There isn’t much time for preparation, so it’s worth starting the implementation process as soon as possible – concludes Michał Sosnowski, Business Development Director at Exorigo-Upos.

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