One Space Grocery Retail: Supermarket 2020

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One Space Grocery Retail: Supermarket 2020

At Exorigo360 we are experts in 1 space retail. We create advanced online and offline digital store networks which meet the needs of today’s increasingly mobile shoppers.

  • Order in the office, pick up on the way home
  • Shop in store ship to home
  • Click 2 collect, shop & drop – scan to go

We design and integrate the complex technology networks, which enable you to be better than your competition today, tomorrow and the next day. Some facts which will make you think how to design the best store for the future, in a one space mobile retail context:

  • Successful stores of the future will have up to 20 times fewer skus’ in store
  • Half the number of categories & 7 times fewer brands per category
  • Fill the weekly fridge or order ‘ready2go’dinner on the way home

You know what? Your customers will no longer need a long shopping list each time they go shopping. With our Scan 2 Go solutions, we can help you help your shoppers create their weekly shopping list. With our advanced payment and loyalty solutions you can throw in some great deals and meal recipes as well.

At Exorigo360, we are experts in helping you create the best levels of customer service. I nearly forgot – we know what Grocery store 2020 looks like.

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