Postponement of the deadline for the mandatory implementation of the KSeF

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Postponement of the deadline for the mandatory implementation of the KSeF

Upon notification (January 19, 2024) of the press briefing, the Minister of Finance, Andrzej Domański, informed that the mandatory KSeF does not operate by the deadline provided in the Act, i.e. from July 1, 2024. Audit of confirmation of the postponement of the compulsory KSeF deadline and possible end date for the e-invoicing module.

What is the reason for the postponement of the KSeF release date?

According to the information provided, critical errors have been detected in the system, which prevented the safe introduction of KSeF on the planned date.

The Ministry of Finance wants to launch a tender for an external audit of the e-invoicing system. Then, based on the basis from it, it will decide on the first mandatory application of KSeF.

The main emphasis is that KSeF is intended. This can be done as quickly as possible.

The Ministry also declares that it will intensify KSeF issues with entrepreneurs to consider market requirements and expectations better.

This is information from the point of view of Exorigo-Upos as a supplier of solutions for integration with the KSeF system. However, the postponement of the date of application of KSeF does not affect the use of our SmartKSeF product and other services (SmartOrder for sales fiscalization and E-Receipt+ for handling electronic receipts), which together include the SmartHub system.

We also plan to continue our support with devices and workers preparing for the implementation of target systems at customers.

The scale of changes regarding e-invoicing covers many functions and features in companies that trigger the launch of the mandatory KSeF. It may be helpful and more thorough preparation in this area.


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