Fresh AI – high performance retail on your wrist

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Fresh AI – high performance retail on your wrist

At Exorigo Upos, we are passionate about a high performance retail.

We are very pleased to be partnering Fresh AI to launch a great digital device which:

  • helps you sell more through better staff coordination
  • enables you to streamline the store operations to enhance the shopping experience
  • optimises in store category performance through a real time communication

 Fresh AI is an innovative, digital wearable which enables you to:

  • communicate directly with employees in each department on the shop floor
  • transfer vital brand information to their fingertips – real time
  • improve customer experience by an employee engagement

We are offering a limited number of Fresh AI Pilots so you can experience directly how it impacts your store operations. To join the pilot programme please click here for more information and a presentation of the system.

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