A Year Full of Surprises: Summary of Successes and Challenges of 2023

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A Year Full of Surprises: Summary of Successes and Challenges of 2023

Every day brings new challenges and unexpected twists in a world of business revolutions. The year 2023 was a time for our company filled with work, unforgettable experiences, and triumphs. As we embark on a new year, we would like to reflect on our exciting journey through the past year and share with you the most significant moments and achievements. We invite you to read our corporate summary.

Complementing this analysis are the results we provide you below, as we do every year, for the departments: Field Service, Deployments, E-commerce, and Cloud EFT Payment Hub.

In particular, we want to highlight and congratulate the teams responsible for achieving the following results:

  • 4.5 million records of daily transactions in the Cloud EFT solution, providing secure and fast payments in many stores in Poland.
  • 70 e-commerce projects of various scales – including many supporting our clients in entering foreign markets.
  • Nearly 1,000 store openings – and behind each such event, we know how many days of preparation and stress are hidden – especially when they are the first points of sale of a new brand in Poland.
  • Nearly 3,900 towns were visited by our Service Technicians, demonstrating the importance of maintaining 22 Offices throughout Poland to reach every report efficiently.
  • Worth noting is the achievement of installing 200 SCO cash registers for a single client within just one month.

We also congratulate the Marketing and Sales Teams and all those involved in gaining trust with new clients by skillfully responding to their needs and delivering expected value. We were considering the scale of our operations and the fact that we only collaborate with medium and large organizations, having 20 new clients in 2023 sounds proud.

The year 2023 was like an exceptional journey full of surprises and challenges that our teams successfully met. We achieved many impressive results thanks to their unwavering determination and hard work. Looking ahead, we are ready for the new challenges and successes the new year will bring.

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