The Digital Transformation Journey of Fero-Term

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The Digital Transformation Journey of Fero-Term


Fero-Term, an eminent Croatian enterprise renowned for its home improvement and interior design expertise, boasts over three decades of experience and operates through 22 retail outlets. The company embarked on a significant journey towards digital transformation with a clear goal: to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by offering the latest in interior design, furniture, and fittings for home improvement projects, accessible online and in-store. This initiative aimed not only to elevate customer experience but also to broaden its offerings domestically and internationally. In collaboration with the local digital agency NOS, we accepted the challenge of transforming Fero-Term into a lifestyle-oriented brand, focusing on e-commerce enhancement, global market expansion, and overall digital transformation.


  • Complex Project Scope: Initially, local suppliers hesitated to collaborate due to the project’s complexity, requiring a more innovative and in-depth approach.
  • ERP System Inefficiencies: The existing ERP system posed integration challenges, demanding creative solutions.
  • Magento Integration Expertise: The project required specialized Magento skills and experience, which we leveraged through our collaboration with Fero-Term’s local digital agency.
  • Data Optimization Needs: The standard Magento platform needed customization to meet Fero-Term’s unique data requirements and business objectives.
  • Benchmarking Against Industry Leaders: Aiming to match the functionalities and customer experience of giants like IKEA, Fero-Term needed advanced, custom solutions.


The company faced a significant challenge due to their outdated systems. This hindered their ability to compete in the market. They needed a solution that would streamline their processes and improve efficiency. Our team conducted a thorough analysis of their operations and identified critical areas for improvement. We then developed a customized software solution tailored to their specific needs. After implementation, the company saw a significant increase in productivity and reduced errors. This allowed them to stay competitive and continue growing in their industry.

We’ve been thoroughly impressed with the Magento eCommerce implementation and ongoing maintenance provided by Exorigo-Upos S.A. Team’s expertise, responsiveness, and dedication have significantly enhanced our online business operations. – says Lucija Cvjetković, Regional B2C and marketing manager


Fero-Term’s digital transformation journey exemplifies the seamless integration of strategic planning, technological innovation, and a customer-focused approach. This venture streamlined operations and significantly enhanced the customer experience and brand visibility. As a leading interior design and home improvement entity, Fero-Term’s digital strategy facilitated an omnichannel-driven expansion. This case study highlights the power of overcoming industry-specific challenges through innovation, strategic alliances, and a steadfast commitment to technological excellence, leading to business growth and market expansion.

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