Support in opening the first Lovisa stores and warehouse in Poland

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Support in opening the first Lovisa stores and warehouse in Poland


Lovisa is a world-famous brand offering jewellery and fashion accessories. The first store opened in Australia in 2010. Since then, the brand, with over 700 stores in 30 countries worldwide, has gained enormous popularity and a large group of loyal customers.

In the summer of 2022, Lovisa, with the participation of Exorigo-Upos, opened its first store in Galeria Katowicka, Poland. Then, over a few months, it established several more points in the largest cities in Poland.

Dynamic development and ambitious plans to expand its business meant that Lovisa had to create a logistics centre to service sales processes throughout Europe in our country. Lovisa chose Wrocław and Bielany Logistics Center as the location for the new investment.

As part of creating a fully functional central warehouse, requirements were defined, including telecommunications infrastructure for IT systems to support logistics processes. In addition to providing solutions of the appropriate standard and quality, a quick project implementation deadline was a significant factor in the project’s success.


Exorigo-Upos was selected as the contractor for low-voltage and power supply installations, presenting a favourable offer based on experience in implementing similar projects for other retail clients and a work schedule meeting the deadlines expected by Lovis. We also provided some equipment and services necessary to launch production processes quickly.

An essential element of the project was the design and implementation of infrastructure in a non-invasive manner compared to the systems already existing in the facility. Thanks to establishing good partnerships with both Lovisa and the owner, the facility manager, the designer and contractors of other scopes of work, we quickly and effectively completed the design and preparation stages for implementation. In the next step, we could focus on meeting the target work.


Solid preparation, good planning and cooperation of all participants resulted in efficient and timely project implementation. It included structured and backbone cabling and power supply installations for Lovisa systems, including WiFi and CCTV networks. Thanks to this, Lovisa could conduct UAT tests and launch the warehouse in production on the initially planned date.

As required, as part of the project, we also provided all necessary as-built documentation.

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