Implementation of SmartKSeF for Communication with KSeF by Auchan.

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Implementation of SmartKSeF for Communication with KSeF by Auchan.

Auchan, one of the leading retail networks, adapts to the dynamically changing business landscape and sets standards as a leader in digital transformation. In response to upcoming tax changes in Poland, Auchan partnered with Exorigo-Upos, recognized as a technology specialist, to implement the innovative SmartKSeF solution.


Starting from July 2024, e-invoices will become mandatory for all taxpayers in Poland, necessitating a swift adaptation to the new system. Auchan chose to utilize the SmartKSeF solution from Exorigo-Upos, a long-standing and trusted technological partner, to optimize invoicing processes and align systems with the new requirements.

The scope of changes involves significant adjustments to processes and information systems. Auchan, a pioneer in the digital revolution in the retail sector, undertook intensive preparations to implement solutions, seeing it not only as a requirement of the new e-invoicing system but also as an opportunity to optimize and adapt its systems to future challenges.

Eric Delahousse, the Finance Director at Auchan Poland, emphasized the importance of implementing KSeF for effective business operations. He noted that invoicing processes are crucial in the retail sector, prompting the company to undertake advanced implementation efforts and inviting the trusted partner, Exorigo-Upos:

– Implementing KSeF has a crucial impact on the effective conduct of business operations and relates to critical invoicing processes, particularly significant in the retail sector. Therefore, we are carrying out advanced implementation work, for which we have invited Exorigo-Upos, a proven partner in delivering technological solutions for the retail industry.


Exorigo-Upos proposed SmartKSeF as a solution enabling the integration of various Auchan sales and purchasing systems. This solution allowed for the standardization of document verification, enabling the detection of errors at an early stage. Additionally, SmartKSeF facilitated real-time invoice verification for customers and checked the invoice status in KSeF for buyers of goods.

Michał Sosnowski, Business Development Director at Exorigo-Upos, summarized the benefits of implementing SmartKSeF and stressed the importance of starting the implementation process as soon as possible:

– Implementing mandatory e-invoicing brings many benefits, primarily streamlining economic transactions by introducing a single e-invoice standard and reducing paper documentation. However, it should be noted that this may constitute a revolution for large entities and require significant changes in processes and procedures. There is not much time to prepare, so starting the implementation process as soon as possible is worth starting.


Implementing SmartKSeF will provide Auchan with an efficient tool for handling e-invoices, enabling simultaneous optimization and adjustment of systems to new tax requirements. With this solution, Auchan gains the ability to respond to changes in tax regulations quickly and minimizes the risk of invoice rejection by KSeF. The collaboration with Exorigo-Upos has proven to be a key element of Auchan’s success in the dynamic retail environment.

As a modern retailer with a vision for a digital future, Auchan not only adapts to changes but actively shapes the future of retail. The collaboration with Exorigo-Upos is not just a joint project but a strategic partnership that enables Auchan to continue its mission of dynamic development in the digital world.

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