When will we start issuing VAT invoices soon?

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When will we start issuing VAT invoices soon?

Significant changes are underway regarding invoice issuance. Entrepreneurs must prepare for this, as the mandatory KSeF, or National e-Invoicing System, is being enacted. This change involves the requirement to issue structured documents electronically, and it’s worth preparing for it now without waiting for the final deadline for implementation. What every entrepreneur needs to remember and why there’s no need to fear the implementation of KSeF?

Change in how invoices are issued – what does it entail, and when does it become mandatory?

KSeF will enable the issuance of invoices in XML format through integrated software. The system will immediately verify the correctness of such documents, preventing the transmission of incorrect invoices. The process will undergo digitization and automation in circulating these documents between taxpayers and providing access to government institutions.

When will invoices have to be issued in this manner?

Generally, 2023 is a transitional year with no obligation to use this solution yet, although it is advisable to do so well in advance. The mandatory KSeF comes into effect on July 1, 2024 (for active VAT payers) and only from January 1, 2025, for entities not paying VAT.

Why was the idea of implementing KSeF introduced?

The implementation of KSeF results from a policy focused on tightening the tax system. By requiring electronic issuance and receipt of invoices and, most importantly, introducing invoices into legal circulation through KSeF, this is intended to ensure greater control over these documents and enable the rapid detection of illegal activities.

KSeF is also designed to simplify the operations for entrepreneurs. Its advantages include:

  • A uniform, structured format for all invoices.
  • An indisputable source of invoice information.
  • A single source of invoices for all participants (issuers, buyers, recipients, tax authorities, etc.).
  • No need to issue duplicate documents.
  • Faster data exchange between business partners.
  • Automation of many accounting processes, resulting in time savings.

Additionally, using KSeF is expected to accelerate the VAT refund period from 60 to 40 days, which will positively impact the financial situation of many businesses, especially smaller ones that may face liquidity problems.

Getting Your Company Ready for Changes with Exorigo-Upos

Experts recommend implementing KSeF. However, we understand the concerns of entrepreneurs who want to avoid integration and handle issues with this solution. That’s why we’ve created the SmartKSeF system to significantly simplify the process by outsourcing communication with KSeF and e-invoice processing.

This solution is especially suitable for companies dealing with thousands of documents from various sources. The system features an obvious and user-friendly API. It aims to make the transition to the new way of issuing invoices seamless and not require time-consuming tasks such as updating e-invoice formats, checking KSeF availability, generating additional information required by law on invoices, re-establishing communication with KSeF in case of failures, and many other necessary but distracting activities. For larger companies, early implementation is even more crucial.


The new, fully electronic method of issuing invoices is nothing to fear. To make the transition as smooth as possible, we recommend the solutions we’ve specifically created to address entrepreneurs’ needs.

For more information, we encourage direct contact: kontakt@exorigo-upos.pl.

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