SmartHub has been ranked among the top solutions for the retail sector by Gazeta Finansowa

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SmartHub has been ranked among the top solutions for the retail sector by Gazeta Finansowa

Our modular solution, providing accurate sales fiscalization, integration with KSeF, and eco-friendly e-receipts, offers a complete range of services in a SaaS model, covering the entire sales registration and documentation area.

As stated in Gazeta Finansowa, sales fiscalization is a complex process requiring specific expertise. With over 30 years of expanding knowledge in fiscal devices and over a decade of automatic fiscalization experience, Exorigo-Upos, as a manufacturer, ensures comfort and safety for clients opting for the SmartHub solution, handling critical sales fiscalization processes for major retail chains and retailers in Poland.

In a special edition of the Business Report dedicated to the retail industry, we recommend exploring articles on the latest sales strategies and integrating online and offline channels in an omnichannel approach. We also discuss the latest technologies supporting operational activities and sales management in retail.

We also draw attention to the material on GS1 two-dimensional codes, which represent a true innovation in trade. Despite their small size, they can store much more information than traditional barcodes. They are easier to scan, and their implementation alone allows for increased efficiency at checkouts, improved assortment management, and streamlined customer service. Leading retailers such as Biedronka, Żabka Polska, Auchan Retail Polska, and Makro have already supported this initiative.

In conclusion, with innovative technologies and comprehensive solutions like SmartHub and two-dimensional codes, the retail sector has the opportunity for further development and adaptation to evolving market needs. Implementing these solutions will increase operational efficiency and enhance customer service quality, which is a crucial element of success in the dynamic world of retail.

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