Omni-commerce – what is multi-channel shopping?

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Omni-commerce – what is multi-channel shopping?

The customer is our master. This concept is becoming more and more up-to-date again, for which omni-commerce, i.e., multi-channel sales, is to be responsible. Convenient and most comfortable for modern customers. But what exactly is it, and how will it affect businesses in the coming years? We cordially encourage you to read it and learn the details.

What is Omni-commerce?

Omni-commerce is a sales strategy based on various channels, devices, and formats. So that customers can choose the way of purchasing products and contact the brand that suits them best.

For the seller, this means that his product should be available not only in his online store. According to this strategy, it is worth allowing purchases in stationary points and online in marketplaces, comparison websites, and shopping applications wherever there are customers. Reason? Data shows that over 40% of people who use the Internet buy the same products in several sales channels. In addition, this trend is expected to increase.

However, cross-channel sales are only some of what omni-commerce is supposed to cover. An essential part of this strategy is ongoing customer support, ideally every day of the week. Therefore, chatbots and automated social media services are becoming increasingly popular. Of course, various payment and shipping methods are also significant, giving customers much flexibility.

Multi-channel shopping from the customer’s perspective

Convenience, reasonable price, and possibilities. These are the primary needs of modern buyers who care about products tailored to their needs and the comfort of shopping. All this at every stage of the shopping path, ending with payment (if the possibilities of the latter are limited, the outflow of some customers is unfortunately guaranteed).

Multi-channel shopping also allows you to search for the best deals in price. Hence the popularity of various comparison websites, where you can search for the cheapest offers for selected products.

Omni-channel sales from the point of view of companies

Omni-commerce is often a challenge but also an opportunity. An opportunity primarily because it allows the opportunity to build a competitive advantage, of course, as long as the omnichannel and omni-commerce strategies are constructed thoughtfully.

An obvious benefit will also be higher sales results. The products can reach a wider audience if a company tries to get its customers through many channels to use profits.

The advantage of omni-commerce in the context of companies is also a better customer experience. Thus, it gives them a chance to improve their loyalty and return to shopping in the future. Of course, this will only be possible if the multi-channel sales strategy is designed optimally.

But what about the challenges? It is primarily necessary to break down activities into many areas but in an organized and planned way. Yes, to provide the customer with the best possible shopping experience. Therefore, it is important to plan activities in a strategic and well-thought-out manner so that the impressions are consistent.

Check “Omni-commerce. I shop comfortably 2023” and the most important online and in-store sales trends.

Growing competition in e-commerce makes it necessary to diversify sales channels and an effective strategy to reach customers. This is made possible by omni-commerce, which will be the dominant trend in this area in the coming years.

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