Implementation of Akeneo PIM for

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Implementation of Akeneo PIM for

Challenge is one of the largest Polish mountain and tourist shops. Its offer includes about 20,000 products (including clothing, professional climbing equipment, shoes, and backpacks).

The client wanted to manage the extensive product offer efficiently. Optimization in this area was necessary to effectively implement the store’s development and expand geographically to new markets – Czech, Slovak, and Romanian.


In the course of considering the option of introducing a solution for product information management, cooperation between and Exorigo-Upos lasted for several months. The supplier maintained and developed the company’s online store, based on the Adobe Commerce platform (formerly Magento). Positive assessment of the cooperation so far and satisfaction with the quality of the implementation of e-commerce was the reason why the client chose Exorigo-Upos again for the next task.

The biggest challenge was the short deadline for implementing PIM for the Polish market, considering the work for the launch of and transferring product management processes from Magento to the PIM level.

The project started with a series of workshops. Work at this stage was based on close cooperation between, Akeneo, and Exorigo-Upos. Then, based on the findings and the customer’s needs, an analysis was performed, and PIM Akeneo, in the SaaS version, was recommended as the technological platform. The Exorigo-Upos team focused on implementing PIM and integrating it with Adobe Commerce (Magento). The client was responsible for preparing and organizing the product database to be imported from Magento to PIM. Thanks to extensive experience, for example, from projects of this type implemented for and CCC, Exorigo-Upos greatly supported the client in standardizing the transferred data.

We want to commend the commitment of the Exorigo-Upos team. Before starting the work, they presented the entire process in detail, presenting the advantages and possible risks associated with its implementation. Despite a very tight schedule, all commissioned works were completed on time. When unexpected problems with the application itself appeared, the team rose to the occasion and solved them quickly.

Krzysztof Kozdrowicz, Project Manager –

At the implementation stage, work began analyzing and implementing Akeneo’s PIM integration with the DeepL translator, which allowed the client to build an offer for foreign markets efficiently.

Practical cooperation and communication resulted in total success. The successful implementation of the solution was completed in just three months. is one of those clients whose impressive growth and ambitions make it a real project with them, which gives my whole team extra satisfaction. Adobe’s connection with Akeneo PIM and their sequential implementation is the perfect solution – more and more e-commerce companies are choosing them, aware of how much support for foreign expansion is the right technology. Another of our clients, Amica, has recently taken a similar step and uses it to enter new markets with its online offer.

Przemysław Łukaszewski, Head of the E-commerce Team – Exorigo-Upos


Currently, fully manages the product offer (100 product families, over 1,200 attributes) and photos (260,000 assets) from the Akeneo PIM level.

Thanks to the efficient implementation of PIM, Akeneo can launch new markets much faster, where it develops sales. It also ensures convenience in entering and handling product data. Their consistency and quality are today one of the critical competitive advantages in e-commerce – especially in professional clothing and specialized equipment, which constitute offer 8a.

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