11 Latest Trends in e-Commerce [2024] 

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11 Latest Trends in e-Commerce [2024]

As reported by Capital One, 73% of retail consumers shop through multiple channels (utilising multi- and omnichannel strategies), and sellers using three or more channels increase customer engagement by 251% more than single-channel sellers. This summarises the key e-commerce trends for 2024 very well – so let’s get into the specifics!

What drives users in 2024? 

Users are undoubtedly key to effective marketing and business management. Statista reports that in 2024, the most important areas for consumers will be four related to shopping. What are we talking about?


Customers are increasingly focused on receiving the highest-quality products and services, which strongly influences their consumer choices.

Ethical spending 

Fast fashion and similar market sectors may face significant challenges in the future, as customers are paying more attention to product durability, ethical production, and the broader area of sustainable production.

Online shopping for relaxation

It turns out that shopping for mood improvement is no longer unusual: users browse the internet to feel better.

Sharing data for special personalised offers (data advocates)

Statista distinguishes a group of users who want to share their data to receive personalised offers and interesting promotions. Why? It’s simple: because of the sense of uniqueness and tangible benefits.

E-commerce trends 2024. Most interesting directions of development

Omnichannel – cohesive experience 

Customers expect a smooth transition between sales channels (online, offline, mobile application). All elements should be consistent and create a unified shopping experience.

Artificial intelligence (AI) 

AI will be used to offer personalisation, customer service (chatbots), or logistics management.

Social commerce 

Refers to selling directly on social platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

Sustainable development 

Customers increasingly choose stores that offer products that align with sustainability.

Personalised Customer Service 

Online stores will use customer data to offer customised advice and recommendations.

Voice search 

More and more people are using voice search for online shopping. Be sure to optimise your e-commerce for this!

Mobile-first UX design

Online stores must be user-friendly on mobile devices due to Google requirements and user comfort.

Inflation matters 

Customers will pay more attention to price and look for deals. Stores should focus on offering good quality at a reasonable price.

ROPO and BOPIS—channel integration 

Customers will research products online and then buy them in-store (ROPO) or order online and pick them up in-store (BOPIS or reverse ROPO).

AR and VR-enhanced shopping 

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will allow customers to virtually “try on” products or see how they look in their homes. This aligns with phygital strategies.

Subscription model

Customers willingly subscribe to recurring deliveries of products, such as cosmetics, food, pet food, and coffee. This is an essential trend in e-commerce 2024 that you cannot ignore in your strategies for this year! 

Trends in the e-commerce industry in 2024. Phygital and omnichannel – important direction.

Omnichannel and phygital are two popular e-commerce trends in 2024 aimed at providing customers with a pleasant shopping experience across various channels. However, they should be distinct. 


  • Focuses on integrating multiple sales channels (online, offline, mobile). 
  • Provides a consistent customer experience regardless of the chosen channel. 
  • Examples of omnichannel: click & collect, the ability to return a product purchased online in a physical store. 

Tip: This is not the end of the differences! Also, see how multichannel differs from omnichannel. 


  • Combines the physical and digital worlds in commerce. 
  • Utilises digital technologies to enhance the customer experience – most often in physical stores, though not always. 
  • Examples of phygital: virtual fitting rooms, interactive information kiosks, mobile payments, QR codes on products, and self-service checkouts. 

Let’s summarise! 

  • 2024 will be the year of customers: you must adapt to their needs to maintain competitiveness. 
  • Trends combining reality and digital are of great importance. 
  • Remember our 11 e-commerce trends for 2024 and take action!

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