Roaring Retail Offline 2019

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Roaring Retail Offline 2019

Retail’s off to a roar in 2019. Turbulent times – the usual Christmas blues and a January full of disruption. There’s huge buzz about single channel, multichannel and omni-channel but even in the biggest markets online retail, excluding pure play seems to max out even in its most successful markets at 20% of total sales. So online is a channel.

That means 80% of shopping is going on in shops. So the first thing I want to do in 2019 is raise a toast for the shop. Long live offline retail. That’s a great message for those who own or have lots of shops in their network. So what’s going to be the big buzz in 2019 then?

2019 is going to be the year of the big D. Data, Digging, Digital, Disruption, Dynamic, Differentiation, Drones, Delivery. If it starts with D it’s going to be BIG.

So it’s going to be the year of the digital store, and with Gen Z vying for purchasing leadership, and we know they love stores, the big buzz this year is going to be all around technology innovation which makes stores perform. The year of multichannel magic. We’ll see online retailers going offline and offline retailers going online.
We’ll see customers using technology big time to do both.

It’s going to be the year of the store.

2019. the year of technology led mobile retail – getting more personal than ever.

At Exorigo Upos Group we’re passionate about digital retail, and over the course of the coming weeks, I’ll be taking you through some of the big tech geeky things we see happening in 2019. As one of CEE’s leading retail integrators we’re here to support retail’s big digital transformation 24.7.365.

Have a great year!

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