Product selected and ready for delivery before you actually purchase it

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Product selected and ready for delivery before you actually purchase it

The shortest possible delivery time is a very important element of shopping these days. This is why companies compete with each other at the ‘last mile’ stage. However, Amazon is going a step further with a solution called anticipatory shipping. The American giant is going to predict what product a customer wants to buy in the near future and send it to the warehouse closest to the customer’s place of residence – even before the item is ordered.

Predicting with AI

E-commerce is a source of a lot of valuable data for entrepreneurs, and it is available for free. Collected and then properly processed, it can be a driver of sales growth. Thanks to the use of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, it is possible to predict what product a particular customer will want to buy in the near future, and then send it to the warehouse from which it will be delivered to that customer in the shortest time. In this warehouse, ready for immediate shipment, it will wait until the customer buys it. But will this actually happen? This should be ensured by an attractive personalised offer, the information about which will be sent, for example, by e-mail, through an app or a shop/service account. 

Anticipatory shipping

Amazon, the American e-commerce giant, is going to implement anticipatory shipping. The patent for this solution was filed already in 2012, but only by using current technologies can it be successfully implemented. Although this solution may seem a bit risky, given the scale of the company’s operations and the technologies it uses, as well as the many channels for delivering information, such a sales system may work. It is undoubtedly an innovative way to gain a competitive advantage. 

Personalised price offers

Experts also predict that special algorithms will process information from e-shops, mobile applications and social media. As a result, consumer profiles will be created, taking into account the level of loyalty, consumer behaviour or interests, to which companies will be able to direct personalised price offers. Such prepared offers will stand out from the competition and lead to more conversions.


This does not mean, of course, that traditional shops will become increasingly rare in the trade. Both channels, online and offline, will function side by side and complement each other. To confirm this, let’s cite the fact that Amazon plans to open its large retail shops in the US. In recent years, the giant has already invested in stationary bookstores, convenience stores or multi-brand shops.

An omnichannel strategy and investing in innovative solutions should be included in the activities of every retailer. Our offer includes, among others, e-commerce solutions or systems to support sales in traditional shops. Feel free to contact us.

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