Personalisation and ML: Where is it going in 2019?

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Personalisation and ML: Where is it going in 2019?

The giants as Amazon have set the bar of what a personalisation can be. The consumers have been accustomed to expect the personalised experiences from all the businesses they interact with.

Machine learning obviously has changed the game in the recent years. Its usage here is mushrooming. It seems to be the most satisfactory approach, and it impact on customer relationships is immense. The data speaks for itself: *

  • 40% of companies employ machine earning in 2019, compared to the percentage in 2018 (mere 26%)
  • almost half (42%) of the marketers currently not using machine-learning personalization plans to begin – within the next year
  • compared to the companies running other personalization methods, these leveraging algorithmic approaches are marked with the largest jump (57%) in a predicted budget

Marketing with machine learning is only possible with data. Successful personalisation relies on a good data, and the marketers across industries make the painful attempts at bringing the right sources together. Sufficient data and insights to drive effective personalisation seem to remain a challenge. Nevertheless, the spread of machine learning technology is inevitable.

* Evergage and Researchscape International online survey 2019 Trends in Personalization which involved 314 marketing professionals from mostly three industries: technology (16%), finance & insurance (13%) and retail (11%).

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