NRF – customer centric connectivity

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NRF – customer centric connectivity

What’s the buzz from around the world in New York? Put 37 000 people from over 90 countries, 3500 retail corporations, 10 stages and nearly 800 exhibitors and what do we get?

Data Driven Connected Retail – (DDCR)

Well I am not sure that’s going to fly in that format so here’s 5 big themes to think about which neatly summarize what was going on in NewYork:

  • Big surge in mobile shopping creates a new customer landscape which retailers, offline, online and both need to get to grips with
  • Mobile makes traditional market benchmarking increasingly redundant – bring on e commerce in store and offline to home – channels are co-ordinated to deliver customer centric convenience
  • Whilst the big technology focus is ‘shop front’, getting the route to customer right is critical – online, offline product availability on the shelf, multichannel pricing, fulfilment – source to sale
  • AI is the future – easy to say but what’s the impact going to be – in short, using data to predict what, where and how the customer is going to buy brands – this feeds neatly into connectivity
  • The convenience of choice – ensuring your customer can find what they are looking for in the channel they choose in the easiest way

The future is all about connected customer channels created by competitively critical convenience.

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