Hyper-personalisation: who joins the evolution?

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Hyper-personalisation: who joins the evolution?

Hyper-personalisation – an advanced and real-time customisation of offerings, content and customer experience – leverages Big Data to deliver the solutions in real time, for each customer. It’s a personalisation levelled up – the next major phase in the digital marketing evolution, and increasingly, the formula for success. There’s no return – the customers expect tailored experienced and highly curated offers.

Hyper-personalisation in numbers

Leadership Perspectives on Hyper-Personalization Strategies” is a report on hyper-personalisation strategies and a representation of the marketing influencer’s opinions who play leadership or management role in their companies. What does it say?

  • Only 10% of the surveyed have developed a hyper-personalisation strategy. 60% are just at the stage of discussion or haven’t done anything about hyper-personalisation yet.
  • More than half (53%) of the marketing leaders consider the improvement of customer experience as a top priority for hyper-personalisation strategy.
  • Applying data insights to decisions is the biggest obstacle to success (51%).
  • 84% of best-in-class marketers outsource some or all of the initiative to a specialist.
  • 62% of surveyed marketers name predictive analytics as the most effective AI-powered application used in a hyper-personalisation strategy whereas 44% ranked UX.
  • 48% of marketing leaders state a content creation and curation are the most difficult AI-powered applications to deploy.

As it turns out, there’s a lot of space to surpass the competition.

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