How to properly rebrand a store?

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How to properly rebrand a store?

Currently, there are over 50,000 online stores registered in Poland. The competition is vast, so owners must double and triple to attract new customers and retain regular ones. One way to build an even more robust online brand is to rebrand your online store. What should it include, and how to plan it?

Rebranding, i.e. not just changing the logo

Rebranding is the process of completely changing the image of a business. However, it should include not only the transformation of visual identification but also the approach to the customer, processes and other areas that will allow the brand to grow. When to rebrand an online store?

  • When the business is developing intensively, we can afford, for example, to change outdated visual identification, often created at the beginning of the business and, as it were, “at cost”.
  • In case of image difficulties, when the store is struggling with the outflow of customers.
  • When e-commerce wants to reach new customers.
  • When we want to expand our business, e.g. to other markets.
  • After mergers, acquisitions or expansion of the product range with other vital products.

How do you rebrand an online store step by step?

For the process to run correctly and be successful, it must be planned very well. The most important steps to take care of are:

1. Right moment

It is best to plan the rebranding process for a different time than the hottest time of the year for our store, as it may lead to chaos, problems with resources and thus even image crises.

2. Creating a plan

E-commerce rebranding should only be done with a thorough plan. It is best to designate people responsible for specific areas and create a work schedule based on this. Who will be responsible for changing the logo? How will the website be transformed? How will the way shipments are packaged, e-mail marketing and the way social media channels operate will change? Or may the activities also include moving the store to another sales platform? When rebranding, you must take care of these areas and many others.

3. Announcement of changes

Many online stores have loyal customers who should be informed about changes. This will build tension and anticipation but also prepare them. However, it is best only to declare a specific date if we have a plan and we are not sure that we will be able to implement it.

4. Action in short sprints

To make it easier to implement specific stages, it is best to divide activities into short sprints and tick off specific steps one by one. This will minimize possible delays and monitor on an ongoing basis whether the plan is being enforced.

How long can it take to rebrand an online store?

It all depends on how large the store we are dealing with and the activities. However, it is worth assuming a time range from 3 to even 12 months. It is worth remembering that in the event of a change in visual identification, we depend on design offices and graphic designers who have several weeks, and often even months, to implement it.

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A well-executed rebranding of an online store is an opportunity to improve sales results and gain new customers. However, if we make cardinal mistakes, such as not taking care of customer needs and service at this time, it may turn out that the effect will be opposite to the intended one.

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