How much does it cost to implement e-Invoices in a company? A Guide for the Entrepreneur

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How much does it cost to implement e-Invoices in a company? A Guide for the Entrepreneur

The cost of implementing e-Invoices is a critical issue for entrepreneurs. There is little time left (KSeF is to be mandatory from July 2024) to implement such an implementation in the most “painless” way possible. Painless, i.e., also one that will allow you to control the budget allocated for this purpose. What do you need to remember in this case? We warmly encourage you to read it.

The cost of own work

It is expected that implementing e-Invoices will be a much greater challenge for companies than JPK. For small entities, the process will be associated primarily with the independent collection of knowledge about this solution, which may be time-consuming and error-prone, ultimately translating into cost. Time is money, and in many cases, it will be spent on other activities related to running a business, e.g., marketing. This is an obvious cost that also needs to be considered. Therefore, it is worth starting to prepare for the change now.

A significant cost – especially for small entrepreneurs – will also be the use of external advice from accounting firms that will help explain and implement the KSeF principles. However, it is a solution that is worth using, especially if certain processes related to it need to be clarified. In the case of micro-entrepreneurs with limited resources, using accounting consultation will also protect against stress related to errors during implementation and subsequent legal consequences.

But how much can the training cost in this area? On average, it is from PLN 500 to PLN 2,000. Therefore, it is worth planning a budget for it well in advance.

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Expenses incurred by large companies

The situation in terms of the cost of implementing e-Invoices will look different in a large company. Such entities will not use the free system offered by the Ministry of Finance, which will give them more flexibility, but also cause additional costs. A large company means individual requirements that ready-made plans do not meet. Of course, finding the right solution, such as SmartKSeF, will be important. It is a system that guarantees security but is also easy to implement thanks to an intuitive API and easy to use. Additionally, it allows you to detect errors early, enabling you to communicate with the buyer while concluding the transaction, e.g., at the cash register in the store.

Of course, you can also reach for competitive solutions, but you need to check whether they offer similar functionalities and – above all – respond to the needs of a given company.

What about the cost of implementing e-Invoices in a large company with such a dedicated system? Here, of course, it is necessary to consider not only the solution itself but also the training of employees in its use and the KSeF itself. Experts estimate that in a large company, such a process may take up to a year and require external, expert, and dedicated support. Each entity operates slightly differently, and the e-invoicing system should be adjusted individually. Therefore, it isn’t easy to estimate the cost of the training itself, although it can be indicated that it will amount to several thousand zlotys on average.

Of course, the more complicated the documentation structure in the company is, the more expert knowledge is needed in this area. Implementation of a structured invoice does not have to be only a cost. By standardizing the invoice format and widespread use, the existing invoice flow can be optimized by replacing the handling of paper or pdf documents with an electronic version, which may generate savings greater than the cost of integration with KSeF. Therefore, you should not leave this process to the last minute so it is not too late.
As you can see, the cost of implementing e-Invoices is time spent on this purpose and finances. Therefore, it is best to anticipate the budget in your company NOW and be ready for it to be exceeded. It is also best to use the help of experts with appropriate knowledge in this area. We also offer such support, so we encourage you to contact us directly.

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