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Get to know our hardware

As research shows, once the pandemic is over, consumers intend to return to shopping in traditional stores (despite the predicted continued growth of
e-commerce). The retailers’ task will be to take care of their customer experience. Exorigo-Upos offers devices that enable sales in a traditional store, and with the use of appropriate software, also e-commerce fiscalization. For over 20 years we have been improving them and adapting to the current regulations and market expectations in terms of functionality. Their common feature is easy operation and extensive functionality.

Fiscal printers

We manufacture fiscal printers, both offline and online, traditional, built-in and automatic. In addition to ease of use and extensive functionality, they are characterized by:

  • speed of operation;
  • high reliability;
  • quiet operation;
  • maintenance of consistent print quality at all types of checkout stands;
  • highest quality components.

The devices are equipped with a clear and ergonomic display, a fail-safe paper cutter, as well as an easy load mechanism allowing for the immediate replacement of paper. Their database capacity amounts to 350 thousand products.

Let’s take a closer look at specific models:

FP-T88FVA fiscal printer

It is a model created to cope with intensive sales processes. It can be used in large retail chains, gas stations or retail outlets. It prints invoices (containing all the necessary information about the transaction), as well as receipts with the customer’s VAT number. It can also print non-fiscal documents, barcodes and 2D codes. Especially recommended for companies that create personalized graphics on printouts.

All documents are saved to a microSD card, so the retailer can review them later in the free Electronic Journal Backup (EJBackup) application. The printer can also make a stand-alone copy of documents (also on a microSD card).

UPOS-FP 20 Online Printer

This printer model is very suitable for extensive retail chains. Communication with the Central Register of Cash Registers (CRC) takes place via the ETHERNET interface. The device has a built-in switch for this link. It can be mounted in a self-checkout and, thanks to its light weight of 2 kg, can be moved to the desired location.

The UPOS-FP20 Online has two options for positioning the display – either integrated with the printer or free-standing. This distinguishes it from the FP-T88FVA Online, which only has the first option.

The UPOS-FP20 Online prints VAT invoices and receipts with the customer’s tax number. It also allows you to create personalized non-fiscal printouts. The choice of formats is wide and includes discount vouchers, GSM top-ups, bill payment confirmations, card payment confirmations. The device prints at a speed of up to 57 lines per second, with the option of using single-layer, heat-sensitive paper or paper in rolls. It also enables generating electronic copies of receipts and invoices.

The printer is equipped with a paper-saving function and a mechanism of automatic adjustment to the parameters of the drawer, which allows connecting most commercially available drawers.

FP-T88FVA Online Printer

This model, also dedicated to intensive sales, combines reliability and durability with solution functionality. Communication with the Central Register of Cash Registers (CRC) is through an ETHERNET connection. The device has a built-in switch for this link.

The FP-T88FVA Online printer complies with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance and communicates with the CRC servers to send, among others, fiscal receipts, daily reports, maintenance information and event reports. Information on the printout can have two font sizes. The device also allows you to create your non-fiscal printouts and load up to 8 personalized graphics. What’s more, it supports 80mm wide paper.

A dedicated Memory Viewer program is provided with the printer for viewing its contents. All copies of documents are saved on a microSD card, right after the fiscal day is closed.

The integrated two-line printer display is ergonomic and clear.

Taurus Online

Taurus Online is a model designed for use in automatic devices for selling goods and services. It can be embedded into devices such as kiosk, pole, Self Checkout, Pay Tower, etc.

It can be used in virtually any industry and register any type of sales, including sales of fuel at self-service stations and toll collection at parking meters or on the highway.

Thanks to online fisking (verified in real-time) it is possible to automatically assign a registration number to the cash register.

Taurus Online uses a reliable Seiko printing mechanism, although the approval allows for fiscalization of sales without printing a physical, paper fiscal receipt.

The device communicates with the Central Repository of Cash Registers (CRC) via an ETHERNET interface, transmitting sales data under the schedule, as well as any issued documents. However, lack of connection with CRC does not block sales in any way.

Taurus Online is equipped with a customer display, designed to be mounted inside or outside the automatic sales machine

Invoice machine

This device is an integral part of the cash register system. It enables independent printing of VAT invoices by the customer, and also allows to send it to the specified e-mail address. It can be connected to the cash register application of the store, improving the functioning of the POS station.

Invoice machines have:

  • Display available in two sizes: 19″ 5:4 i 21,5″ 16:9;
  • Optical receipt reader for accepting even very long and crumpled receipts;
  • Ethernet interface and the ability to cooperate with an additional scanner for loyalty cards and promotional codes;
  • Full integration with back-office systems;
  • The possibility to choose any colour of the invoice and add a logo;
  • Laser printing (in A4 format) at 33 ppm;
  • Robust construction resistant to mechanical damage and environmental factors or active shocks;
  • Paper feeder for up to 500 pages.


It is an interactive information desk for wall mounting. It features the Android operating system, as well as:

  • TFT touchscreen display covered with tempered glass in two sizes 10″ and 15″;
  • omnidirectional scanner for reading barcodes and QR codes, 1D/2D;
  • WiFi and Ethernet interface for LAN connection;
  • – FLASH memory with the possibility of expanding with a microSD card.

The basic task of the infokiosk is to inform the customer about the price of the product by reading the barcode through the scanner. However, it can also be used to:

  • displaying interactive advertisements;
  • showing the important information about products;
  • fill out any forms by the customer;
  • display the contents of a receipt;
  • handle promotional coupons that appear on the printout.

Moreover, the device can be linked to e-commerce platforms and systems supporting loyalty programs.

Infokiosk uses omnichannel solutions while maintaining information security standards. It also optimizes work inside the organization and combines functions that streamline the sales and purchase process in terms of information.

Based on many years of experience, gathered during the cooperation with the largest chains in Poland, our R&D Department has developed an original design of the new device, the details of which will be revealed soon.

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