Gen Z wants it now

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Gen Z wants it now

For many, ’Buy online, pick up in-store’ is considered the most treasured aspect of retail shopping experience. A dominant volume of people who click and collect falls into Gen Z category.

Nearly two-thirds of customers surveyed in May 2019, aged 18 to 25, used the service within the last month. 60% says it’s a factor driving decision-making where to shop. What are the most common reasons that US gen Z Internet users buy online and pick up in store? According to the same mentioned report:

  • 59% wanted their items quicker than online shopping;
  • 44% wanted to make sure the item was available before they arrived in the store;
  • 30%, being the last-minute shoppers, needed the item immediately;
  • 18% wanted to see the product they liked online in-person before purchasing;
  • 15% received a discount to use BOPIS;
  • 9% were BOPIS advocates while travelling – forgot their items and picked them up on arrival.

Visibly, convenience, instant gratification factor and immediacy matter most. In years past, the shoppers have been content to wait for products to arrive or pay extra to get them earlier. Today’s younger generations aren’t in this kind of mood.

BOPIS adoption drives more in-store traffic, as well as additional in-store sales. The shoppers who pick up their items purchased online often tend to clap their eyes on other products as well. This type of revenue boost is exactly what traditional retailers have been seeking for years.

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