Fiscal module for e-commerce

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Fiscal module for e-commerce

A fiscal cash register is a requirement for many entities selling online. Fiscal module for e-commerce is the answer to the specificity and needs of these entrepreneurs.

Continuity in recording online transactions

The e-commerce fiscal module is a middleware, which significantly facilitates the process of recording online orders on fiscal printers and provides a sense of security for the continuity of the e-commerce fiscal process. Orders from the e-commerce platform are sent to the fiscal module, which passes them to the printers. The Exorigo-Upos module makes sure that each transaction in the e-store is recorded.

The module can handle multiple fiscal printers (we cooperate with companies which need only one device, as well as with those which need dozens). Thanks to a flexibly scalable solution, adding more devices is done through system configuration. When the volume of sales starts growing, new printers are added to the system. Our experience also allows us to adjust the number of devices to the needs of a given shop.

Exorigo-Upos printers are an integral part of the solution

Printers made by Exorigo-Upos are integrated with the e-commerce fiscal module:

  • FP-T88FVA,
  • UPOS-FP20 Online.

The devices can be installed at the Exorigo-Upos location This allows for regular replacement of paper rolls and 1st level support, and thus uninterrupted operation of the printers.

The integration of the system with Exorigo-Upos fiscal printers allows for expansion with the Central Electronic Journal Repository (CREJ) module. This module stores a copy of the data, provides sales reports divided into VAT rates or provides an electronic copy of the receipt. Exorigo-Upos also has the technical competence to integrate the system with printers that support eParagraphs.  

The system records sales and return transactions. In the case of the former, a receipt is printed and the sales value is recorded in the printer’s fiscal memory and on the SD card. Non-fiscal confirmations of returns can also be printed, and are recorded on an electronic copy easily accessible in the CREJ console.

Implementing the Exorigo-Upos e-commerce fiscal module means:

  • Guaranteed registration of every transaction received. Thanks to the cooperation with the MSSQL database engine, all the ordered fiscal entries are safely waiting for printing. After a successful fiscal print, the system updates the status and completes the fiscal information (printer number, receipt number).
  • Repeat print attempts until successful if an error occurs. Depending on the implementation and scope of responsibility, the best possible way of informing about the occurrence of a problem is selected.
  • Easy management of the fiscal printer. If there is a problem with printing and no initialisation has taken place, the software orders printing to another fiscal printer. When the paper runs out, it continues to work after refilling.
  • Determination of time in the configuration at which the fiscal good is automatically closed on printers.

Exorigo-Upos provides comprehensive support for the implementation of this solution:

  • consulting and testing at the planning stage;
  • support during the integration of the shop with the system;
  • configuration and installation of the system (including the supply and fisking of printers);
  • maintenance of the entire solution;
  • 24/7/365 monitoring.

If you are interested in the e-commerce fiscal module, please contact us.

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