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Exorigo360: Shop2Go

How many times a week do you get contacted by a technology company who says they’ve got something great for you, which will really help you sell more? Well it’s not actually the technology which matters it’s how you integrate a range of technologies, which help you create a better customer experience.

That puts into context a little bit Amazon’s recent store in Seattle which comes without shop assistants. Is that you really what you want – to go into a store to do your shop and not speak to anyone? Think about it for a little while.

The rise of Amazon is a phenomenon, but what is even more amazing is that retailers have done little to stop that rise. Amazon is a technology company which happens to have gone into retail. What ingredients do retailers need to react – more importantly what should they do with those ingredients. A quick look shows that retailers are in great position to create a great future – if they choose to do so:

  • Established retailers have great data sets – knowing your customer – you have masses of customer data – use it
  • It’s easier to add online to offline than it is to add offline to online – do it
  • If you’ve got great offline, you’re in a super position to create great customer experiences
  • Offline and online lets you create great customer communities – are you sure you don’t want to talk to anyone when you go into your corner store?

What I hear on the streets is people are getting frightened of Amazon. Well I’ve got a response to that.

If you’re a retailer with a big store footprint needing online or you have smaller feet with bigger online you need a great technology partner. Look how Amazon’s using great technology to re-design retail.

You need to react – NOW

If you’ve got great stores, Exorigo360 can really help you build the digital presence you need to take on Amazon, Allegro, Ebay or Alibaba. Call us for a confidential conversation on how.

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