Exorigo-Upos Group, a big warm welcome for 2017!

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Exorigo-Upos Group, a big warm welcome for 2017!

I was very impressed and honoured to have the opportunity to become the Chairman of Exorigo-Upos Group in quarter one this year. It’s a real pleasure to have the opportunity to work with such a great team. Thanks very much for all your warm wishes – very touching.

It’s a very exciting time to be joining Exorigo-Upos. I had come across the company on a number of occasions during my time in fast moving consumer business across Central Europe and you could see it is a company that is going places.

What drives my excitement and ambition to lead the Group?
The markets are a-changin’
I developed a passion for digital way back in 2004 and have since then, seized every opportunity I could to get involved. I love change and creating new market opportunity and have spent most of my career in international business. Today, digital lies right at the nerve centre of international growth. Markets are changing fast – retail, financial services, manufacturing, all alike – B2C and B2B. There’s one big driver in today’s digital world: the Customer is King. Online, social media and mobile all work in synergy with each other to make strategic execution lightning fast. In other words you can launch your product in CEE today and tomorrow be selling it online in any of the top 100 markets around the world.

What does the company do today?
Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen exponential growth in consumer commerce markets around the region. We’ve also seen Poland become a globally recognized outsourcing centre and one of the leading nearshore destinations in Europe. That’s super impressive in such a short period of time. The country’s a top 6 EU economy and a technology powerhouse for established markets.

Today Exorigo-Upos is working either directly or indirectly with the leading global and home grown retailers, banks and insurers which are operating in the region:

We’ve developed a strong track record as an IT outsourcing and software development hub for leading international brands with a footprint in the leading retail segments: grocery, white goods, press and media, home improvement, health and beauty and fast fashion
We work with payment solutions providers, banks and insurers to create great customer journeys, powered by the latest in digital payment technology – confidence and trust are very close to our hearts
We are one of the leading field services teams working in retail and consumer finance in CEE: precision, professionally accredited, rapid response service 24/7/365. Over the years we’ve earned a great reputation for response times and speed of roll-out
We have three great teams of around 200 people each, creating and developing customer focused point of sale solutions, innovating and inspiring secure payments and making it happen for the biggest retail networks in a number of the fastest growing markets in Europe.

Where do you want to be tomorrow?
Flexibility, adaptability and speed are three core strengths of Exorigo-Upos Group. With the seismic change happening in international consumer markets, the company is poised to build on its pre-eminent position as an outsourcing leader for retail and consumer finance. The offline and online worlds are merging. The successful B2C and B2B brands of tomorrow all have to offer great products and services across all channels. Amazon is speeding up that change. Exorigo-Upos is well placed to provide the inspiration, innovation and integration to leap forward to tomorrow’s opportunity. Technology agnostic, we’re very well placed to provide our customers with the solutions they need to deliver their growth ambition. As sectors unbundle, at a pace, we’re there to help!

Do you need a reliable IT services provider?

Then, you are in the right place. We would be happy to talk to you about your next project.