Data security and e-receipts

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Data security and e-receipts

E-receipts are a way to easily manage your expenses, check your transactions and report various irregularities. However, many people still wonder about the following issue: are e-receipts safe? Let’s check what it looks like in practice and whether there is anything to fear. We encourage you to read and learn detailed information in this regard.

Data security and e-receipts in practice

Data security related to purchases is an important issue for most people. What does it look like in the case of e-receipts? In practice, the solution works to save or transfer the information to the customer’s device and stored in the seller’s electronic systems. There is no statutory obligation to send them to the ministerial HUB. Creating an account does not require providing any personal data.

Access to such an application is also protected by a PIN and password set at the activation stage. An additional way to ensure greater security is biometric settings, e.g. logging in using a fingerprint.

Therefore, The application is safe and anonymous and does not intend to collect data on current activities. This is planned to make more people come to terms with it than is the case now.

The government hub is also not expected to use the SMS system to distribute the receipt. All this is to ensure the anonymity of purchases and not to allow the transaction to be linked to the buyer’s phone number.

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Why do customers have doubts about e-receipts?

E-receipts and data security have been important topics for many months. Despite the declarations, many customers are still concerned about whether they guarantee security, anonymity and confidentiality.

This is mainly about a government application that enjoys little customer trust. However, the channels enabling the delivery of e-receipts are constantly being diversified. This means that customers will have more options and thus choose the solution that suits them best.

Creators do not refrain from creating applications that can be based on the interfaces of the government application and adapt them on its basis. There will be more such applications, which will allow the selection of solutions that will best suit customers.

E-receipts and product returns

As proof of sale, the receipt also allows you to return the product. What if such a receipt is digitized? This will be fine; simply showing such an ID on your phone will be the most important thing. Today, sellers already use solutions in which the receipt has codes that make it possible to scan and find the transaction in the system—all this to return the product quickly and hassle-free.

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E-receipts and data security will undoubtedly be around for a while. This solution still requires dissemination; at this stage, additional questions will inevitably arise related to issues such as anonymity. However, according to the assumptions, this solution is supposed to be safe for our data.

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