Data Digging in a Digital Store

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Data Digging in a Digital Store

It’s all about data, real time data… dare I say, predictive data? Imagine a world of one space retail where we know what to put in which channel because we know where the customer’s going to buy and, most importantly, what’s going to get them back to buy more – inspirational customer journeys that build confidence and trust.

It’s all about data, real time data… dare I say, predictive data?

Let’s start off with the basics:

Who is your customer? You need to be really detailed here.
What, where and how do they buy; how do they pay?
How often do they come back, and what would make them buy more?
The Power to Predict – What you Need to Know
Act on fact. You want to be in control of the big picture and the details that matter. You would like to be able to forecast the growth of your business. Having a grip on business today creates opportunity for tomorrow. Our systems can give you clear insight into your business; anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Customer data
Transactional data
Promotions data
Loyalty marketing
Shelf data
Assortment data
3rd party data integration
These insights help you deliver high growth performance.

Performance Analytics at Your Fingertips
Today’s retailer needs systems that perform. Data is a key driver of high performance retailing. We offer great analytics to design the best retailing experience whether in store, online or both.

There’s far more data than you’ll be able to handle.Our people have the expertise to tease out what you need to know to make tomorrow’s decisions today.

The Power of Footfall
But not just in your bricks-and-mortar shop. That’s where people fall over – integrated multichannel data:

Where are shoppers going in your store?
Are you optimising space?
Are your customers finding the most profitable products?
How long will a customer queue for before leaving without buying?
Is your team retaining or rejecting customers?
How are you using tablets, multichannel and mobile to click and shop; click and drop or click and collect?
Footfall is OK but you need to know as much as you can about your customer, before they come into the store. More importantly, you need to know what they’re going to buy and how they’re going to buy it, to create a great customer journey.

Exorigo-Upos Group – a big, big Data Den
I was very pleasantly surprised when I joined the Group to see that we have a great team of advanced analytics people. We’re real experts in retail data analytics and performance management. We work 360 backwards and unravel the channels to give you the full picture, you need.

We analyse online and offline data to provide a detailed 360 degree personal view.

The Full Stack
We design data models which enable you to fully understand customer behavior and illustrate it with clever visual graphics so you can see trends & opportunities.

The Power to Predict
We do predictive modelling using multi-data points, to help you to prepare to source what the customer wants to purchase before they think about buying it.

Our Technologies
We work in the fast lane of business intelligence & customer insights. Check out our advanced technology stack. We provide the power to predict in today’s fast moving 360 degree omni-channel data led world.

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