Customer-Centricity – why is the customer the most important?

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Customer-Centricity – why is the customer the most important?

Huge competition on the market and the ability to quickly change the offer if only we do not like it. The customer is at the center of it all, whose favor the company must court. The concept of customer-centricity is becoming increasingly important, and every company should put it on the pedestal of building its product and marketing strategy. Let’s check what the client-centric approach is and what to do to implement it consciously.

What is Customer-Centricity?

Customer centricity is a strategy based on orienting one’s activities to the customer’s needs. All this at every stage of the purchasing path, from product or service design, through sales, to after-sales service. Yes, to ensure an individual approach, as well as trouble-free contact. This approach is becoming more and more important also in e-commerce. In the growing competition era, the customer must feel that he is taken care of and that the company appropriately treats his needs.

The Customer-centric approach in e-commerce

The customer is our master. These words become important again, especially in the era of such huge competition in the market, which will only grow. However, activities must be planned slightly differently than at points of sale due to the minimum direct contact with the customer.

So what does Customer-Centricity include in this regard? Every stage, from website design, shopping experience, to after-sales service. However, in practice, all this should be broken down into smaller fragments.

However, starting from the absolute basics is worth it, i.e., an intuitive, customer-friendly UX. Here it is worth focusing on transparency and ease of searching for the best offers. The UX design must also assume the perfect presentation of products. Therefore, high-quality photos and videos are essential.

Regarding the product, you must also take care of accurate and exhaustive descriptions. Here it is worth thinking about potential customers’ most frequently asked questions and answering them, e.g., in the FAQ section. This will limit later inquiries and possible complaints.

The client-centric approach in e-commerce also means comprehensive assistance available when the customer needs it. An example is chat, i.e., a live conversation with the seller. You also need to take care of communication in the evenings and on weekends. Partially automated communication will work in this regard.

Another issue is the clear conditions of sale, which must be made available when completing the shopping cart. This applies in particular to the available payment and delivery options. It is also worth placing them in the page’s footer so the customer immediately knows whether the store meets his needs.

However, customer-centricity continues after the purchase. It is also the right approach for the buyer when he takes advantage of the offer and wants to return the product.

A new approach to Customer-Centricity, i.e., personalization

Both in e-commerce and stationary shopping, the customer does not want to feel like one of many. It counts on the personalization of the offer and shopping experience. How to do it online? Machine learning and AI are to help in this respect. Thanks to them, it is possible to build personalized recommendations and promotions based on data from previous purchases, returns, and their reasons. This approach is expected to play an increasingly important role in the coming years.

How to implement a client-centric approach?

It is worth starting by putting yourself in our client’s shoes and asking yourself a few basic questions. Who are they? What can a customer expect from a given product? What does it matter to him? Why are our competitors better, and how do they respond to consumer needs? Of course, you have to remember that building customer-centricity never ends. This results, among others, from the constant development of e-commerce and the fact that new solutions constantly improve the operation of stores and make shopping more pleasant.

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Customer centricity is now a necessity. Thanks to well-thought-out actions in this area, it is possible to gain a competitive advantage and build customer loyalty.

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