Critical tests of the KSeF environment involving Exorigo-Upos

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Critical tests of the KSeF environment involving Exorigo-Upos

The Ministry of Finance and Critical Applications, the company responsible for, among other things, the construction and maintenance of the KSeF system, met with selected entities to prepare for volume tests of the National e-Invoice System. One of the companies that participated in conducting them was Exorigo-Upos.

The Ministry of Finance verifies the operation of KSeF

Based on generated invoices, the application programming interface (API) operation in the system’s test environment was checked. Solution providers for integration with KSeF participated in the process, including Exorigo-Upos.

– We have informed the Ministry of Finance of our readiness to participate in consultations and tests related to implementing KSeF due to our experience implementing IT systems in the largest commercial entities in the market. It gives us a unique perspective, allowing us to draw and convey reliable conclusions and observations to decision-making bodies regarding the operation of the KSeF system. The cooperation is intense, but it is developing very well, and we hope that our contribution will have a real impact on the final shape of the system – says Michał Sosnowski, Business Development Director at Exorigo-Upos.

Performance verification is crucial for the system

The Ministry of Finance verifies the performance of the National e-Invoice System through such tests, taking into account various factors such as statistics regarding the Unified Control File (JPK) and the predicted traffic characteristics, including peak activity at the end of the month.

The tests follow consultations by the Ministry of Finance with representatives from various industries, serving as a basis for planning the mandatory implementation of the KSeF system.

So far, during a series of meetings, several issues have been discussed that will be crucial for further legislative and technical work.

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