Consumer retail moves faster than ever before

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Consumer retail moves faster than ever before

Our innovation team has been out and about talking to big successful retailers in different regions of the world and has come up with a shortlist of critical drivers of tomorrow’s retail which for sure is going to be much faster and even more competitive than today.

Led by customer choice, what are 5 key drivers in one of the fastest growing regions of the world – South East Asia:

  • Advanced digital technology
  • Personalization
  • Shopper experience
  • Store structure re-design
  • Expansion & integration

But it’s not just the wealth of technology which is important, it’s how retailers use it to drive sales and most importantly profit. To match the 5 key drivers Exorigo360’s Innovation Team has got 5 great answers:

  • How to get from manufacturer to market in the fastest possible way
  • You know what your customer buys, so you can easily predict, what they are going to buy
  • Deals drive deals – discount means loyalty
  • You don’t need all that product in store
  • Scan to go is the new digitally integrated checkout

As the leading digital retail platforming agency in CEE, we know exactly how to design, integrate and optimize the most advanced technologies which you need in your network for today, tomorrow and the next day.

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