Buy Online, Pick Up In Store: a solution done right

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Buy Online, Pick Up In Store: a solution done right

BOPIS – critical in today’s and tomorrow’s retail landscape – has gained a widespread adoption among the retailers and consumers. And a well-executed BOPIS program cannot do without technology.

BOPIS program and points in its favour

BOPIS helps to boost e-commerce conversion rates, drive incremental in-store sales and generate increased average order values for in-store customers. It reduces the cost from not having to ship online orders to customers’ homes. Consumer demand for BOPIS increases as more retailers offer the service. Paying for the shipping costs is not needed, and in most cases, the order is available for pickup within a few hours.

First impressions matter

Rolling out BOPIS without all of the necessary training, processes and technology systems in place impedes the chance of success. In the ultracompetitive retail industry, first impressions matter. A poor BOPIS experience severely compromises the chances of a customer coming back to shop with your brand again. The way brands approach, innovate and operate their BOPIS solutions helps them win or loose.

 …and so does technology

The point is, most BOPIS solutions are not prepared to scale to 40 percent of transactions as predicted for coming years. They require more robust deployments that consider store operations, staffing logistics and product inventory system. The investments in technologies that enable BOPIS are on the top of the list for retailers when it comes to ways to improve BOPIS solutions.

For example, synced and accurate inventory management is a prerequisite for a well-executed BOPIS program. ML and AI technologies are being used by retailers for identification and forecasting of inventory trends by geographic region down to the store level. New technology allows customers to seamlessly communicate with retailers their location and anticipated pick-up time. 90% of retailers plan to implement BOPIS by 2021. The point is to be among those who do it right.

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