Bronze EcoVadis Medal for Exorigo-Upos in 2023

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Bronze EcoVadis Medal for Exorigo-Upos in 2023

Brone EcoVadis Medal marks the second year of our submission to this international rating platform’s evaluation of companies’ actions in sustainable development. This time, we increased our score by 14 points, enabling us to achieve recognition. Our growth was consistent in each area: environment, human rights and labour, ethics, and sustainable procurement, demonstrating our conscious approach to the implemented changes.

How did we do it?

In 2023, we established the ESG Team, which developed coordinated actions to implement changes in the area of sustainable development in our company. Our selected actions include:


  • Educational webinar “What is ESG” on Earth Day.
  • Eco competition for children: “RECYCLING, NEW LIFE OF WASTE”.
  • Glass carafes instead of plastic bottles in our main branches.
  • 100 trees for our Clients as part of the project.


  • Continuation of cooperation with the ISKIERKA Foundation and fundraising for WOŚP.
  • Volunteering program 4 SUPPORT LINE and initial activities.
  • Health-promoting actions in offices and webinars for remote workers.
  • Support for sports groups: running and cycling.


  • We have introduced codes and policies regulating ESG issues in our company:

Code of Conduct in Business,
Anti-corruption policy,
Internal reporting policy,
Anti-bullying policy.

  • We joined the Responsible Business Forum.

Exorigo-Upos’s actions include education, social initiatives, and management improvements, which benefit the company and the communities in which it operates. Through initiatives such as educational webinars, children’s competitions, or support for charitable organizations, Exorigo-Upos demonstrates its involvement in the community and care for its well-being. Additionally, introducing policies and codes regulating ESG issues contributes to building transparency and trust internally and externally within the organization.

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